Friday Five: This Summer I will…

Friday Five: This Summer I will....

Hi everyone!

This was a last-minute decision to participate in this weeks’ link-up, hosted by the wonderful trifecta team of DC, that include Eat Run Pray DC, Mar on the Run and You Signed up for What?!. I was on the fence with this weeks’ topic because I didn’t think I was going to be able to come up with anything. To many, Summer means, summer break, no school, having the kids home all the time, but for me none of that applies. I am a stay at home mom that doesn’t have any kids in school, yet. Summer for us means just hotter days, trying to find ways to stay cool during the day, and parks/playgrounds being more crowded (hey don’t tell me I’m the only one that thinks this). The more I thought of the topic I started coming up with a list of different personal goals that I wanted to work on and new/old places I wanted to take my son.



1. Going technology free an hour before bedtime.

I will be the first to admit that I spend wayyyyy too much time on my phone, computer and tv watching. Mainly, my phone I am on pretty much ALL.DAY.LONG. My goal this Summer is to work on cutting my time on my phone and focusing more on my real life because life goes by way too fast and before I know it my son will be going off to college and I would be left wishing I hadn’t spent so much time on my phone.


2. Go to bed by 10:30 (the latest).

Lately I have been going to bed after 11, sometimes not til midnight. There is no reason for me going to bed so late. I feel the best during the day when I get between 7-8 hours of sleep. When I get less than that I can tell a big difference in my mood and energy level during the day. I also make bad food choices when I am not well rested which probably contributes to my mood and low energy. It is a vicious cycle. With me going to bed after 11:30 and waking up between 5:30-6 or 4:30 (thanks to a certain 2 1/2-year-old), which does not equal 7 hours.


3. Take Z to The Cove (a local water park) and Aquarium of the Pacific (Long Beach, CA)

I really think he would enjoy both of these places. Z loves the water and this water park is only 25 minutes or so away with a reasonable fee to get in for the day. I want to make sure we go to the Aquarium during the month of June because only this month at 10 or 11 in the morning they will let the penguins walk around with the public. You can’t get any  closer than that. {Visiting or live in Southern California and need some ides to take the kids? Read my post on 5 places to take your kids this Summer, here}


4. Do more trail running.

Friday Five: THis Summer I will....

I have only been trail running twice now, but I am hooked already. It is a completely different feel than road running. You are more aware of where you are stepping, focus more on reaching a certain point on the trail, rather than how long it took me to get there. It is freeing, you are among nature, no traffic zooming by you, and overall very peaceful. I would like to make it up to Big Bear and do a little running up there this summer. Last time I ran in Big Bear was for a 15k that I didn’t train for properly and literally just wanted to walk off the course and pretend it never happened. I want my redemption, in a sense.


5. Focus on drinking more water.

I know I have mentioned this before, but I am horrible at drinking water. If I don’t work out during the day it is extremely hard for me to drink water. I have tried all sorts of tricks to get myself to drink more water: bought new water bottles, added my Nuun hydration tablets and infused my water with different fruits and herbs to add flavor. My goal this summer is to focus on drinking at least 80 ozs a day. This is really important during the Summer months because it gets so hot here (and is already hot), I will be outside a lot, and will be running in the heat, so I will need to make sure I am replacing all those electrolytes that I am sweating out and avoid dehydration.

What are you going to do this Summer?

Are you a good water drinker? Any tips or tricks?

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25 Responses to Friday Five: This Summer I will…

  1. runawaybridalplanner says:

    Great list! Love the idea of going technology free before bedtime! Have fun with your trail running, I love that kind of stuff too!

  2. Trail running is awesome, and it’s so much cooler than being out in the hot sun during the day. Hope you enjoy your summer!

  3. I remember the days of kids before they entered school. People don’t realize how exhausting that is. Can’t believe you have time for blogging! I’ve never done much trail running -I’d probably trip over a branch and fall flat on my face! WE all seem to need more sleep-good luck getting it

    • Yes, it is tough finding time to blog, that’s why I only average a couple posts a week, if that! I wish I knew everyone’s secret to how to balance blogging and personal life cuz I don’t know how some blog like every day! I thought I wouldn’t like trail running much but after the first time out I instantly loved it! Have a nice weekend Deborah!!

  4. I for sure need to drink more water. I used to be way better about it but now I’m slacking!!

    • I was using an app on my phone called Waterlogged which was helping me for a couple weeks a while ago, but I just got tired of having to update it each time I had a glass of water. The one good thing was it made me more aware of how much I was or wasn’t drinking.

  5. MS_AimeeC says:

    Great list! I’d love to learn to be better at trail running. I’m terrified I’ll fall! 😉

  6. I need to do everything on your list, well, except the places to visit. I WISH I lived close enough to cross those off my list! Unfortunately, late at night is when I get on the computer. I know it’s terrible for sleep, but it’s the only time I can really focus on what I’m writing. I don’t know how people blog everyday either, it’s not just the writing but then following up with the comments too. I’m liking my 2 (3 if I’m lucky) posts a week with my little circle of readers. It’s working for me now 🙂 Have a great weekend Lindsey!

    • Yes! Blogging is so time consuming!! Not only for your own blog but reading and interacting with other blogs, as well! I always feel so behind when I try to catch up on the blogs I follow and read. Have a nice weekend too!!

  7. I’m so bad about trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour!! thanks for joining the linkup with us!

  8. John @ run. geek. run(disney) says:

    Great list. I want to try and take up trail running some time. Looks so fun. And the early bed to get more sleep is one I really need.

  9. ack – technology free an hour before bedtime is SUCH a good idea. i am thinking of instituting a no technology in the bedroom rule — it’s such a time suck! thanks for linking up 🙂

  10. Jim Connely says:

    This is really good reminder. I have many of your items on the list, but would like to add one. I am going to read one book a month (or more) throughout the summer. It will help me in so many ways! I am reading PRE right now and will possibly read advanced marathoning.

    • Oh yes, reading!! I need to add that to the list too! I have a book on my nightstand for over a year and haven’t touched it yet 😬 I will add PRE to the list of running books to buy, as well!

  11. Oh, I love the idea of going tech-free before bedtime. My smart phone has decimated my reading hobby. Thanks for the reminder!!!

  12. runsaltrun says:

    #1 is SO important and a goal that I’ve really trying to reach for myself too. Some nights I’ll start checking email or I’ll start playing candy crush (shameface) and then it gets to be so late and I’m all keyed up from looking at a screen. And then it takes me forever to fall asleep. Thank you for this great reminder!

  13. Annie Brees says:

    I think those sound like great goals! I need to do a better job of getting to bed earlier but instead I lay in bed with my phone and fiddle fart! I may steal that goal!

    • Well it’s been a week since I wrote this and I still have not reached the tech free before bed and going to bed early goal. I need to work on it! I know those phones are soooo addicting !

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