I’m back baby, I’m back! {Catching up with One Mother of a Day}

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I’m back baby, I’m back!!

Do you still remember me? I hope so! I am back from an unplanned break from blogging. Actually, three weeks to be exact. I popped in last Friday when I linked up with the fabulous trifecta ladies of D.C. for their weekly Friday five series, titled, “Things you may not know about me”. My plan wasn’t to wait so long in between blog posts. I will be honest with you, blogging takes up a lot of my time. I really don’t know how bloggers do it, putting out blog posts DAILY, commenting on dozens of other bloggers, and interacting on all social media outlets. I can’t keep up! It was getting too much for me to try to write 3x a week or even 2x a week. I was realizing that I wasn’t focusing as much attention on being a Mother and Wife. When my blogging starts to interfere with my home life that is when I know I need to take a break from blogging.

Since I have been MIA, I will update you on what has been happening in my life, these days.

{New Post} I'm back baby, I'm back! (One Mother of a Day)


If you remember back in May I started another Whole30 round with some of my readers. I was posting weekly my food prep/meal planning posts and would do a weekly wrap up of what I ate each week. You may have wondered what happened because after week 3 I stopped posting about my experience. Okay, I am not going to beat around the bush here, since this whole post is about honesty, here we go:

My Whole30 did not go well.

I had slip-ups. A lot of them.

I wasn’t perfect.

I was in denial that those slip-ups wouldn’t affect my body.

My mind wasn’t in this Whole30.

To be fair, I did do good for the first 2 1/2 weeks, but after that I became lazy and my old cravings came back. I was going through the Starbucks’ drive-thru daily and buying cookies and pastries at the grocery store. I was no longer following the Whole30 program, at that point.

So, am I still doing Paleo?

***Editior’s note: Some things have changed since I wrote the paragraph below. This was written last Thursday, June 26, 2014.***

I am on Day 3 of strict paleo. For the last month, my non-paleo foods were outweighing paleo foods and that is always a recipe for disaster. After the Whole30 fiasco and being out of  town last weekend, my body was sending me a message. Last weekend, my autoimmune symptoms made an appearance again. I woke up with puffy eyes, lip and a couple dozen hives spread throughout my body. For the last 5 months, I had been slowly weaning off of one of my autoimmune medications (Cyclosporine), under the direction of my Allergist, we had been hopeful that I would in the very near future be off of this drug completely. Needless to say, I was rather disappointed when I woke up looking like a hive of bees had attacked me. I will spare you the details of my whole medical history, but I was down to only taking this particular drug 2x a week, which was huge since I started having to take this drug 4x a day, every single day. So, after that whole minor flare-up, I made a decision, when we got home from our trip, I would go back to 100% strict paleo and see if my symptoms would subside. I am on day 3 of strict paleo and it has been 3 full days since I have had to take Cyclosporine. *knock on wood* I hope I am going in the right direction.

UPDATE! {Monday, June 30, 2014}

Here is an update since I started writing this post.

I wish I had better news to tell you, regarding my autoimmune symptoms. Over the weekend, my symptoms came back again. Sunday was the worst of all the days. Of course, that was the same day that I was joining a few ladies on our local trail to start their half marathon training in the Fall. I was so glad I followed through with running that morning. When ever I am going through a flare-up, running is the only thing that will take my mind off my symptoms. At first, I was just only to run the 3 miles with our training group and go home, but once I was out on the trail I knew I had to keep running and get my 10 in for the day.  I was so hopeful for those first 3 days since they were going so well. I have starting taking the Cyclosporine daily. Today I have not had to take it yet *knock on wood*

No races in the near future!

Yes, you read that right! For the first time in a while I am not registered for any races! It is actually very freeing. I love not having to follow a strict running schedule. If I want to run than I will. If I don’t want to run, than I won’t. Simple as that. By not having any races to train for, it has actually made me love running even more. Since my running schedule has become more open it has given me an opportunity to help “train” a group of ladies that are running half marathons this coming Fall. I love helping others get into running.

Alright, enough of me rambling on. I will show you in pictures what we have been up to the past few weeks! Enjoy!

{New Post} I'm back baby, I'm back! (One Mother of a Day {New Post} I'm back baby, I'm back! (One Mother of a Day

{New Post} I'm back baby, I'm back! (One Mother of a Day)

Runners: have you ever taken a “break” from races and just run for fun?

Bloggers: Do you take blogging “breaks”? Planned or unplanned?

Tell me one thing that you have been up to lately? Catch me up!!

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8 Responses to I’m back baby, I’m back! {Catching up with One Mother of a Day}

  1. Hey! Glad you are back 🙂 I am also not signed up for anything and it is somewhat freeing. I’m taking this time to do more yoga and just slow it down in general. I need a blogging break as well. I agree, it’s hard to write and keep up with all the social media. I think it’s always good to step away from things, whether it’s runnjng, blogging, or anything else. We could always use a good reset once in awhile!

  2. Karey at Nutty About Health says:

    Welcome back to the blogging world! I haven’t really ever taken a long blogging break, but sometimes I think it does tend to overtake my life a bit… At the same time, I love it & it’s a major outlet for me. It can be love/hate.
    As for the Whole 30/Paleo thing – well, at least you tried. I think you’ll probably have better luck sticking to stricter Paleo being you’ve been feeling so icky. I’m trying to go stricter Paleo again & cutting out he dairy I’d added back in for a bit, just to see how I feel.

    • What’s your secret to being able to blog regularly?!? It’s do hard for me to keep up! Yes, I have done really well with strict paleo these last 8 days. When your health is at risk, it suddenly becomes easier to eat healthy. Hope you have good results too!

      • Karey at Nutty About Health says:

        I don’t really have a secret… I’m actually really bad at pre-planning & writing my posts ahead of time. I know many bloggers plan their posts out… I suck at that. I kind of just “wing” it & write whatever is on my mind at the moment & roll with it. I usually just do it late in the evenings if I have time, & if not I try to do it after breakfast if I don’t have anywhere to be.

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  4. I love that Instagram keeps us somewhat connected through our mutual blogging breaks! I’ve definitely cut back on my number of posts per week. Any of my blogging breaks are always unplanned because life just gets too busy!

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