WIAW #19: Modified-Autoimmune Protocol Edition

Hi Everyone!

Hope your week is going well! Some of you know that I have started to follow a special diet, a modified-Autoimmune Protocol diet. It is very similar to Paleo except it also excludes eggs, nuts/seeds, nightshade veggies, and coffee/caffeine. For right now I am focusing on just cutting out eggs (except for my paleo mayo), nightshade veggies and limiting my nut/seed intake. I am NOT giving up coffee! Let’s not get crazy now! I started this Protocol last Monday and only made it 4 full days until the weekend hit and it all went down hill from there. I am back on day 3 today and determined to make it through the weekend strong! I will go into more detail about this Autoimmune Protocol in a later post (hoping to get it written out this week, but don’t hold me to it!). The main reason obviously has to do with my own autoimmune condition and trying to decrease the chance of another flare-up. Since this AIP is so restrictive you are probably thinking what can I possibly eat? I am going to share with you some of the yummy meals I have been eating this past week and a half and show you it is possible to still get delicious food and at the same time follow the Autoimmune Protocol.

WIAW #19: modified-autoimmune protocol eats!



Since it is Wednesday, I am linking up with Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for her weekly WIAW series!! Don’t forget to hop on over to the link-up party and  check out what other bloggers have been munching on!!

Peas and Crayons


WIAW #19 : Autoimmune protocol edition

1. breakfastItalian beef casserole (used Popular Paleo’s recipe for Tex-Mex casserole but swapped the spices for Italian seasonings and omitted the bell peppers) 2. lunchChicken/apple sausage w/ sauerkraut + pickles + mustard (not AIP) +chicken salad (w/ paleo mayo-not AIP) over a bed of mixed greens 3. lunch- tuna salad (mayo not AIP) over a bed of mixed greens + pickles 4. breakfastsweet potato hash + beef patty w/ Paleo Caesar dressing

These are not your “normal” breakfast items! When you can’t have eggs, you have to start getting creative.

WIAW#19 Autoimmune Protocol edition

5. Kielbasa w/ apple + sauerkraut 6. crispy smashed chicken (Nom Nom Paleo) w/ mango/cucumber salsa (Nom Nom Paleo) w/ a side of mixed greens 7. balsamic glazed meatballs (Primal Palate) w/ sautéed julienned carrots


There it is! What do you think?

Do any of these recipes sound like something you could eat?


If you want to read more about my autoimmune story check out these past posts:

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Paleo is a lifestyle, not a diet.

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10 Responses to WIAW #19: Modified-Autoimmune Protocol Edition

  1. everything looks good! i’ve been trying to cut my carbs in the morning and focus on more protein and fats. so usually, eggs are my go-to. but i also don’t want to go hog wild with eating eggs everyday. finding good breakfast meals is tough. it’s my favorite meal of the day and i don’t like having to eat lunch/dinner foods in place of pancakes or oatmeal! you look like you are doing a good job with it though! keep it up. not sure i could give up eggs (again – i’ve had to do it once) or nuts!

  2. I just finished reading your whole story and I just want to say I’m so happy you shared it! I can’t imagine living with a chronic autoimmune disease like that but I can relate in a way! I am also prone to hives (break out randomly around my lips & eyes for no reason) and I happen to be allergic to the sun and suffer from Polymorphic Light Eruption Disorder which is also caused by an autoimmune reaction. I have often wondered if eliminating specific food groups could help improve it at all. While I do eat clean (no gluten, no dairy & have toyed w eliminating eggs), I might try the protocol diet to see if it makes any difference! Definitely going to check into it more!

  3. Karey at Nutty About Health says:

    Good for you on trying to stick to the AIP! I would have a such a hard time w/out any eggs or coffee! Don’t blame you for keeping the coffee in at least. 😉
    Those meatballs look amazing!!! Yum!!

  4. Fitness and Health Spot says:

    yummy, all of your eats look delicious. I really want to try your breakfast and meatballs. I’ve never tried a sweet potato hash, great idea!

  5. pickmeannieb says:

    Oh my your meals look amazing. That sweet potato hash looks great! I too would struggle without eggs in the morning but I love your ideas! I’m off to reap about your AID now!

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