WIAW #20: What I ate on Day 5 of my Elimination Diet

WIAW #20: What I ate on day 5 of my Elimination Diet


Hi everyone!

I know it has been awhile since I have talked about my diet and my autoimmune symptoms on here and wanted talk about what new developments that have occurred just in the last week. I know many may not benefit from this particular post, but for the small percentage that will benefit then this post is for YOU.



Peas and Crayons

It is also What I ate Wednesday over at Peas and Crayons so I fused the two together. A nice little “two-for-one” for ya. The end of this post will be everything I ate on my Elimination Diet yesterday. If you want to skip all this diet and autoimmune talk than scroll down to the bottom, my feelings won’t be hurt, to get to the food.

To bring you up to date to last Monday (8/18/14):

  • In June 2014, I was a week away from being completely off of Cyclosporine (immunosuppressant drug) which would have been huge, but one day I woke up and noticed a few hives and as the days went on each morning I woke up with a few more hives and my lip and eye-lid started swelling again. So, I had to start increasing my dosage again until my symptoms subsided. This was a huge discouragement because now I was back to where I was over 6 months ago.  I had been on it since December 2013 and was very slowly being weaned off of this particular drug. I was and still am on 2 other drugs for my condition but they aren’t nearly as risky as cyclosporine is to take for extended periods of time.
  • July 2014- Saw my Allergist and told him what happened, we decided to keep it at the higher dose for the next month to make sure my system had time to calm down before I started weaning again. At this point, I was getting frustrated because it felt I had made any progress in the last 7 months and this was how my life was going to be, always weaning off, crossing fingers my symptoms didn’t come back and then having start taking cyclo again when they did re-appear. I had to look for another option, I couldn’t live my life-like this. I realized my quality of life is much more important. I wanted to start looking into a more natural approach rather than the medicine-induced coma that is the Pharmaceutical industry. A friend had referred me to an Integrative Medicine doctor. I made the first available appointment but not until the middle of August. In the meantime, I started to look at my “diet” a little closer. I cut out eggs completely to see if I felt any different.
  • August 2014- I dropped one dose of cyclosporine, since I had no flare-ups. I had been egg-free for a good 2 weeks and  then started to slowly have a few here and there. I started getting lazy with my food. I was still eating Paleo for my main meals, but the food in-between those meals were far from Paleo. The iced vanilla macchiato were a flowing, the ice cream that was consumed by the gallons, and the chocolate never even stood a chance in my house. Let’s just say, it was quite a scene.

Quick explanation to what Cyclosporine is and does and potential side effects:

  1. Is used to suppress your immune system
  2. Normally administered to patients who just had an organ transplant so their body doesn’t reject their new organ
  3. Longer you are on this drug the higher the risk you have to develop liver and kidney failure, as well as cancer.
  4.  More prone to illness, colds, flu, infections, pretty much anything.


Now I bring you to last Monday’s doctor’s appointment with the Integrative Medicine doctor:

  • I went over my whole medical history with her. Explaining all the medications I am on and for what reason and the timeline of my Autoimmune condition.
  • She asked me what I wanted out of coming to her. I explained that I want a better quality of life. I don’t want to live like this with this cycle of being on drugs, weaning off, going back on them and never knowing if and when my symptoms would re-appear and without any answers as to why this is happening.
  • She ordered a ton of blood work! I mean a ton. Last Friday, I had to give 6 vials of blood and this past Monday were 10 vials. Yikes!
  • The blood work that was ordered:
  1. Celiac profile and antibody assessment
  2. Vitamin D, B12 levels
  3. several different minerals ( I can’t remember them all)
  4. physical panel
  • She also gave me probiotic pills to take daily that are free of dairy, casein, soy, corn, grain, shellfish etc (every possible allergen that there is). She stated that majority of autoimmune diseases are caused by a leaky gut, that my gut needs to be healed.
  • She also put me on an Elimination Diet. It is similar to Paleo but it mostly focuses on everything being diary-free, soy-free and gluten-free.
  • Food items I have to exclude:
  1. ALL Diary (milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, ALL grass-fed dairy)
  2. ALL soy products
  3. NO peanuts or peanut products
  4. NO shellfish
  5. NO sugar of any kind which includes honey 😦
  6. NO red meat ( beef, bison)
  7. NO pork (that’s right, no bacon and don’t try to tell me turkey bacon, that is NOT.REAL.BACON!!)
  8. NO sausages, cold cuts, hot dogs
  9. NO chocolate
  10. NO coffee (I will talk about this later)
  11. NO grains that include gluten (pasta, bread, etc)
  12. NO eggs

Probably wondering what the hell I can even eat?

Foods I CAN eat:

  1. YES fruits (whole, juice, raw)
  2. YES vegetables (All)
  3. YES gluten-free grains (oats, rice)
  4. YES chicken, turkey, fish
  5. YES legumes (I am not including these, since I have been legume-free I don’t want to incorporate them back in at this point)
  6. YES nuts, seeds (just no peanuts)


I know, crazy right?! Trust me, I wanted to give up on this diet on Day 1 with only a couple of hours into it. The hardest part is giving up my grass-fed cheese, beef, sausages, my cream and my beloved caffeine-laden coffee drinks. Don’t worry I am not giving up my coffee 100% but trying to limit to regular coffee just once in the morning and having decaf in the afternoon. My coffee still isn’t the same without my half and half in it. For those that know me, know how hard this is for me. I think if I completely cut coffee out, my body would completely shut down.


In these first few days, trying to find foods that are compliant has been very eye-opening for me. Even as simple as almond butter or almond milk, you would think you could find “clean” versions of these products in the grocery store, but when you start reading labels you realize that there are a lot more than you would think in them. I have quickly realized if I want food that is dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free and peanut-free I am going to have to make everything myself. I was even surprised looking at canned tuna, the list of ingredients looks “clean”, but then there is a line in bold underneath stating “This product contains: soy”.  Yeah, pretty shocking. The one brand that I found that’s compliant is Wild Planet brand. I have come to the conclusion that I should stick to real whole food so I don’t have to worry about reading a list of ingredients because there aren’t any. I am going to start making nut milks (cashew and hazelnut) and almond butter (after that Costco almond butter recall which I had in my pantry). I’m waiting on my order from Amazon for the nut milk bags, raw hazelnuts and glass jars to start the process. Yes, it will be a little more time in the kitchen, but I want to give this Elimination Diet the best possible shot.

Whew! Sorry, that was a lot of me talking. I even had to take a break. Onto the reason why you have stayed with me so far, FOOD.

Finally, to the good part!

WIAW #20: What I ate on day 5 of my elmination diet

{5am} coffee w/ almond/coconut milk {6am}2nd cup of coffee  {7:30am} ground chicken patties (recipe coming soon) + 1/2 avocado + small baked sweet potato {12pm} sliced banana + almond butter (don’t worry, not the recalled one) {2pm} Tuna cakes (Nom Nom Paleo) + Paleo fried rice (sans eggs) (recipe coming soon)  {3pm} decaf  coffee w/ almond/coconut milk  {5:30pm} Roasted garlic and artichoke stuffed chicken (Popular Paleo) + Paleo fried rice + side of red grapes  {9pm} Protein smoothie (this was not 100% compliant due to the grass-fed dairy in the Formulx protein powder but I am allowing it in my diet a couple of times a week)


If you made it all the way to the end, congrats!! I know this was a really loonnnnngggg post. I was trying to break it up into 2 separate posts, but I couldn’t figure out where to appropriately split it up.

Since you hung with me through all this, can I ask one more favor? Head on over to Jenn’s Peas & Crayon’s blog to check out what other bloggers having been eating and maybe get some new ideas for meals!

Have you made any homemade nut milks or butters? Which ones?

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Paleo is a lifestyle, not a diet

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6 Responses to WIAW #20: What I ate on Day 5 of my Elimination Diet

  1. Seems really challenging and over whelming at first I am sure. You can do this!

  2. This was post was for me! I can so relate as this is exactly how I felt during my 10 Detox. You’re so right about the whole foods and it’s amazing to me all the products that you would think are “safe”, but really have soy, which is made from wheat, or a host of other crap in there. I’m so making cashew cheese next (recipe in Against All Grain). You have the determination and self- discipline to do this and if it takes ditching beloved foods, I know you’ll own that too! Great post and keep us updated on your progress 🙂

    • Thank you Julie! I have been intrigued with these Paleo “cheese”. Let me know how they turn out. I have also heard of zucchini “cheese” but am a little afraid of making it :/
      Yes, isn’t it crazy what are in suppose “safe” foods?! Hope you are doing well too!! I love reading your updates on your blog as well! It’s nice to know I’m not alone 🙂

  3. Welcome to Mommyhood says:

    What a great post! Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Leaving out the creamer from my coffee has been the most difficult aspect of switching to paleo for me, but I know I would struggle the most with the restrictions on the meats. The foods that you are eating look great! I’m definitely going to try the artichoke stuffed chicken the next time I get some!

    I look forward to reading more about your journey and wish you the best of luck with continuing on the transition 🙂

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