Running 101: FIVE {Must-have} Running Gear

Hi all!

I’m back with my “Running 101” series I started months ago. I could never be a professional blogger because I am never organized and I never follow through with things. Sadly, the last post I wrote for this series was back in April. Yes, that was almost 4 months ago and I didn’t even realize that I never finished this series until today, when I was going through the archives.

Running 101: FIVE {must have} running gear

Last year, I wrote a post on my favorite running gear but a few of those have changed since. Here is my updated list of running gear that I can’t live without:


FIVE {must-have} running gear

I can NOT go without my Garmin! I got the newest Garmin watch a couple of months ago and absolutely love it! I had my previous Garmin 405 for over 4 years and it was time to upgrade my watch.

Features of the Garmin 620:

touch screen watch that tracks pace, distance and heart rate

calculates recovery time and VO2 max when used with the heart rate monitor

when paired with the HRM able to provide cadence, ground contact time and vertical oscillation

read more info, go here.

You will love this Garmin if:

You love stats!

Want to know your recovery time

Cons: it is a little expensive, but I would rather spend my money on something like this than purses, high-heels or jewelry. #runnerproblems


FIVE {must have} running gear

My last pair of shoes were the Nike Pegasus 29’s and I love them so much with no injuries or aches or pains so I decided to go with them again and I LOVE the color of these!


Responsive cushioning

Lightweight support

increased stability

10mm offset (heal-to-toe offset is lower by 2mm for a more natural foot strike)

read more benefits here

You will love these shoes if:

looking for a lightweight but still provides adequate cushioning and support.

great for long runs

cons: This may not be the right shoe for everyone. Please go to a running specialty store to be fitted for the shoes that are best for you.


FIVE {must have} running gear



holds your phone, ID, money, gels, inhaler, key

bounce free

You will love this belt if:

You want to be hands-free during your run/race

cons: It doesn’t have the biggest compartment but it holds all my essentials.


FIVE {must have} running gear


easy-squeeze bottle

adjusted hand strap

large expandable pocket that can fit a phone, ID, cash,etc

You will love this product if:

You are tired of carrying a plastic water bottle around

don’t want to wear a hydration belt that will weigh you down

**side note** I used this handheld water bottle for all my races since I bought this and even used it throughout my marathon.


FIVE {must have} running gear

Features of: Rock My Run

 Select a playlist based on: BPM, duration, lyrics

Features of: iPod

create your own playlist

cons: if you don’t like listening to music while you run.

**side note- This last one is optional, not everyone listens to music while they run.

What are some of your “must-haves” that you never leave home without for a run?

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FIVE {must-have} running gear

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5 Responses to Running 101: FIVE {Must-have} Running Gear

  1. I have been working on cadence-I didn’t know that the Garmin tracked that. Thanks for the info

  2. So my all-time favorite accessory, whether running or working out at the gym, are my Tooks. Tooks are essentially a headband and earphones in one. It looks like a headband, keeps sweat off my face and my hair back (or over my hat) and the earphones are hidden in the headband so nothing is in my ears. I have an ear thing so these things are the greatest things since the rubber band in my opinion. Google Tooks for more info 😊

  3. I have the Nathan handheld and need to start using it more! I’m so bad at brining water with me on my long runs!

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