2014 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Runners!

I know with only 2 weeks left til Christmas this post may already be too late for some but, for those of us that haven’t even done any shopping yet this post came right on time! And yes, I said 2 weeks! Yikes! It seemed once Halloween was over, Thanksgiving came and went in a blink of an eye and now it’s almost Christmas! I also always know it’s 2 weeks until Christmas because my son’s birthday is today! He is turning 3 yrs old! I can’t believe I have a 3 yr old in the house now!

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Do you have a runner in your life or someone who has expressed interest in running but, don’t know what to get them this year? No worries, you have come to the right place. Trust me, runners always need new running gear, fuel, apparel, etc. We can never have too many socks, or shoes, or running tights, or headbands, the list literally goes on and on.

2014 holiday gift guide for runners

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2014 ultimate holiday gift guide for runners

1.  Honey stingers gels/chews/waffles$1-3 (affiliate link)

2.  Nuun Hydration tablets: $7 per tube (affiliate link)

3. Elete (electrolyte drops): $8

4. BodyGlide : $5 (affiliate link)

5. Bondi Band headband: $9 (affiliate link)

Bonus#6  Race distance car magnets: $5 or less



2014 ultimate holiday gift guide for runners

1. Belaga running socks: $11/pair (affiliate link)

2. Nathan handheld H20 bottle: $20 (affiliate link)

3. Nathan running belt: $25 (affiliate link)

4. Road ID bracelet: $20

5. Addaday massage roller (travel size): $16

6. Quick Strength for Runners (book): $15 (affiliate link)

7. Runner’s World Running on air (book): $11 (affiliate link)

8. KT Tape: $15 per roll (affiliate link)

9. Desert Runners DVD: $20 (affiliate link) (documentary that follows 4 extreme ultra runners taking on the world’s toughest ultra challenges!)

10. Endorphin Warrior motivational bracelets: $20

BONUS #11: Nike running gloves: $20 (affiliate link)


2014 ultimateholiday gift guide for runners

1. Addaday massage roller: $40 (Fleet Feet or other specialty running store)

2. CEP compression socks: $50 (Fleet Feet or other specialty running store–These need to be measured for each individual runner)

3. bama + ry jewelry(custom and inspiring copper + nickel jewelry): $30+ (Jasmine the creative person behind this company is very talented and will work with you in creating a custom piece if you don’t find what you are looking for on her Etsy site!)

4. Medal and/or bib holder: $40+ (prices vary based on site) (affiliate link)

5. iPod shuffle: $50


2014 ultimate holiday gift guide for runners

1. Running shoes: $100-150 (Fleet Feet store or any specialty running store–will need to get properly fitted)

2. JayBird sport headphones: $140-160 (affiliate link)

3. Garmin running watch: range $100-450

4. A whole running outfit based on the current weather and from their favorite store (ie-long tights w/ long sleeve running shirt or running shorts/capris paired with a tank top)


 ******************Another disclaimer: these prices are all approximate and based on my location. prices will vary.******************************

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Questions for you, my readers!!

Are any of these on your Christmas list?

Do you do your own shopping for yourself, when it comes to Christmas gifts? This year I did!

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4 Responses to 2014 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Runners!

  1. It’s never too late for a shopping list! You have some of my favorite things on your list. Love Balega socks always :0

  2. What an awesome list!!! I might have to do some shopping for myself 😉

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