WIAW# 22: What I actually ate edition!

Hi everyone!

Okay, this is going to be a super fast post, probably the quickest post you will ever see from me. I think?

I’m linking up with Jenn @ Peas and Crayons in her weekly WIAW series, where bloggers share what they eat.

I know I haven’t posted any food-related pictures in a long time. I’m sure you are all wondering what I have been eating. No? You haven’t? What?! You actually have a life?? That makes this a little awkward then….Well, I will show you what I ate anyway. Be warned, it involves a lot of coffee and this was a slow day in the coffee department.

WIAW #22 What I actually ate edition!


This is everything I ate on Monday.  I had a little more dairy than I wanted to. Normally I try to limit my dairy consumption because too much, gives me tummy troubles.

WIAW #22 What I actually ate edition!

Breakfast: multiple cups of coffee w/ half & half + 1 whole avocado w/ Himalayan salt

mid-morning coffee (coffee break #1): Starbucks- triple shot of espresso w/ cream and caramel all over ice

mid-morning snack: Brookside chocolate blueberry —I am currently obsessed with. I don’t even want to tell you how many bags I go through in a week……Yes, I said bags!

Lunch: deli meat-chicken and roast beef w/ homemade coleslaw (Paleo), red onion, Paleo mayo and Bubbies pickles wrapped up in an iceberg lettuce leaf.

mid-afternoon coffee break #2: homemade latte made with my NESPRESSO.

Dinner: Paleo BBQ beef (used Against all grains’ bbq seasoning and sauce) + baked sweet potato + homemade coleslaw

Pre-bedtime snack:**not pictured** Iced Chai tea latte (made at home-used Tazo pre-made chai concentrate and milk)


There you have it! Nothing too fancy. Not perfect but, I’m not looking for perfect. {more to come about that in another post}

Don’t forget to stop by Peas and Crayons to get more meal and snack ideas !

What I Ate Wednesday Button


Starbucks fans: What is your go-to drink that you get every time?

A serious question: coffee or tea?

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3 Responses to WIAW# 22: What I actually ate edition!

  1. always need my afternoon Starbucks too! Flat white w skim or skim latte w cinnamon

  2. Glad to hear I’m not alone 😉 I have never tried the flat white, how is it?

  3. Marnie @ SuperSmartMama says:

    Thanks for sharing your eats…I am interested!! I’m trying to get back to my 80/20 Paleo way of eating, so I’m currently scoping out ideas!!!

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