One Mother of a Day turns 2!!! + Would you hire a running coach? SURVEY!!

Hi all!

It’s me again. I know I am soooo sporadic about blogging these  days. I just want to keep you on your toes! This will be one of the shortest blog posts you will see from me, I promise.

I didn’t want another day to pass without acknowledging two things.

The first one: yesterday was my 2 year blog-aversary !! Yay! I have had this little blog for 2 years now! Who would have thought?! Not me, that is for sure. I am the worst at following through with things….

2 yr blogiversary pic

The second one: I will {hopefully} be a Road Runners Club of Americacertified running coach, very soon! Hmmm, maybe I should have led with this first and not mentioned in the sentence prior that I am not good with following through??? I promise being a running coach will not fall into that category.

To keep this short, I will give you the Readers’ Digest version. Last Friday and Saturday, I attended a 2-day RRCA-running coach course out in Santa Monica, CA. The instructor was Randy Accetta Ph.D., Director of education for RRCA. He was very funny and made the weekend fly by. Those 2 days were packed with so much running knowledge and I loved every second of it! So, the next steps I need to take in order to officially be a certified running coach with the RRCA are: complete and pass with 85% or higher the 100 question online test, get First Aid/CPR certification (which I have already signed up for) and liability insurance. Once I complete all these I will be about to officially start coaching runners! I am so excited with this new aspect of my life. My goal is to complete everything by the end of this month and then start creating possible services I will provide,  getting all the logistics sorted out and then start marketing myself.

I do have one small favor to ask of you. I have a very short survey that I would be ever so grateful if you filled out for me. There are only about 10 questions or so. I want to start collecting data to help formulate my programs I will be offering. Thank you!!

{the answers are anonymous, so I don’t know who or how you responded 🙂 }

Here is the link to the survey:

Question(s) for you, the reader!

Have you heard of the Road Runners Club of America group?

Are you a RRCA-certified running coach? If yes, have you started your own running coach business after you became certified?

How have you been doing? What have you been up to? If you have a blog, leave the address in the comments. I want to get back to reading blogs!

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5 Responses to One Mother of a Day turns 2!!! + Would you hire a running coach? SURVEY!!

  1. sarahdudek80 says:

    Congrats and congrats! I am a RRCA certified coach and first I absolutely loved the course. I enjoyed Randy and had the opportunity to sit next to Frank Shorter who was also taking the course. Since taking the class I have had a ton of opportunities present themselves. I am now the head coach for a new charity and have just had a great time. Best of luck and congrats again!

  2. Congrats! I actually coached runners for about 16 years before I became an RRCA certified coach. I had my personal training certifications and college degree in the exercise science field though. I loved the course even though it was mostly review for me. It took me about three years to get into a local course. The courses would already be filled by the time I opened my email notification – they filled up that fast!

    Happy blogiversary! My blog turned two at the end of January, and I let it slip right by. I’d forgotten that we started our blogs so close together.

    • yes, I’m sure the course was just review for you. You are already a successful coach/trainer 🙂 I remember you writing about how hard it was to get into these courses. When I got the email alert I signed up that day and thankfully got in.
      Happy belated blogiversary!!

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