Full Marathons:

10/13/13 —- ING Long Beach Marathon (Long Beach, CA)

Half Marathons:

9/6/09  — Disneyland Half  (Anaheim, CA) 2:34:29   (pace: 11:47)    My very first Half!

2/7/10 —–Surf City Half   (Huntington Beach, Ca)   2:26:27    (pace: 11:11)

5/2/10  – —– OC Half marathon (Newport beach, ca)    2:15:47    (pace: 10:22)

5/1/11 ——– OC Half marathon (Newport Beach, CA)  2:21:30    (pace: 10:48) 6 weeks pregnant at the time!

2/3/13 ——- Surf City Half marathon  2:19:01     (pace: 10:37)

5/5/13  —–  OC Half   2:09:06   (pace: 9:44)  PR!!!  Race Recap here —->>post


9/25/10 —–1st Lt. Jared M Landaker Memorial Run for Freedom 15K (9.68 miles)  (Big Bear, Ca)    1:53:04       (pace: 11:41)     This was at an elevation of 7,000 ft. I am used to running at only 1,100-1,300 ft and so my lungs were not used to the altitude at all and not training properly also attributed to my time.


11/09/08   —-Mission Inn 10K  (Riverside, ca)    55:47    (pace: 8:58)   PR!

4/19/09  —– Run thru Redlands 10K  (Redlands, CA)    58:06    (pace: 9:21)

9/8/2012 —– Run for a Child 10k   (Upland, CA)  1:07:22  (pace: 10:45)


11/26/09 —-Plymouth Rock n Run 5k  (Anaheim Hills, CA)   31:39  (pace: 10:13)

12/13/09 —– Make Room for Santa Run  (Irvine, CA)   29:34

4/17/2010  —–   Dyslexia Dash  (Riverside, CA)     29:53 (pace: 9:37)

11/25/2010 —- Plymouth Rock n Run (Anaheim Hills, CA)  29:06    (pace: 9:23)

6/23/12 —– Little Heart Warriors  (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)  27:15

7/4/12  ——-  Freedom 5000 (Claremont, CA)   29:19  (pace: 9:26)

6/29/13 —– Little Heart Warriors 5k ~~~Upcoming race~~~~~

As you all can tell I am not a fast runner by any means. I am proud of myself that I have been able to increase my pace in 2013, I hope it continues.

6 Responses to Races!

  1. Renee says:

    Love this! Great way to keep track of your progress & reach your goals 🙂

  2. T.scott says:

    what have you replaced “GU” gels with? Or do you use anything during your races? New to paleo and a littlle nervous about picking up mileage and not using gels.

  3. Hey! Just stopping by since you’ve been so encouraging on FB. 1) I LOVE that you named your dog Dexter and that it IS after the show 2) you must live in the same area as my sister. She’s in HB and has done a lot of the same races as you! Really glad we connected!

  4. Nope, love the interaction!

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