Confessions! Kettlebells! Ragnar! OH MY! {Bonus recipe: Apple + Onion Chicken burgers}

Confessions! Kettlebells! Ragnar! Oh My! {One mother of a Day}

Hi Everyone!

It’s me, Lindsey! Don’t worry, my blog has not been hacked!

You need some convincing?!

I love coffee, coffee, coffee and oh more coffee!

Now, do you believe it’s really me?

Okay, now that we got that awkwardness out-of-the-way. On to the real reason why I am here gracing you guys with my presence, I have been up to some exciting things recently in my life and wanted to share with you all.


First, the boring stuff. I’m still on my Elimination Diet, day 37 to be exact. It definitely has gotten easier with time. I have accepted the foods I can and can’t eat, for the most part. I have to tell you something, though. I have been keeping this a secret…..

Confessions! Kettlebells! Ragnar! Oh My!

I have had more than one iced pumpkin spice latte. My first one of the season was on my birthday, last week. I shouldn’t have even had that first one. I was doing so good regarding my Elimination Diet. Once I had that first sip, there was no turning back. This week I have had one Every. Single. Day. It isn’t because I really crave the taste, it is more out of habit. Prior to my birthday, I was doing great, I wasn’t even going to Starbucks. At one point I had cut back on my coffee intake for a WHOLE WEEK! I know. It was the roughest week of my life. Let. me. tell. you. Per the Elimination Diet guidelines, they “suggest” cutting out coffee all together. I gave it the good ol college try. I figure one week is the same as forever. Right?!

Okay okay. That wasn’t my only confession. I also had ice cream on my birthday weekend, which I couldn’t even finish because I got a really bad acid reflex thing happening. One of the positives about being on this diet is when I do eat something that is one of the excluded foods, and I have a reaction to said food, I know exactly what food was causing the reaction.

Lesson learned. It appears from these 37 short days, dairy is not my friend. Which is a huge bummer, because that is one category of foods that I really enjoy. I’m not going to cut it out completely but, now have to be more aware of the amount of dairy I have in a day.


12 runners. 200 miles. 36 hours.

Confessions! Kettlebells! Ragnar! Oh My! {One Mother of a Day}

Yes, that’s right! I’m going to be running my very first RAGNAR this coming November. Vegas here we come! Months ago, when this particular team was forming, I told them to put my name down as an alternate runner. At the time, 5+ months away from race day, I didn’t want to commit to something like that so far in advance. A couple of weeks ago, I got the call!! Actually more like the Facebook messenger alert. I hate that FB messenger by the way. I am soooooo excited that I am going to be a part of RAGNAR VEGAS!

When I was explaining to my hubby about the whole concept of this relay race:

12 runners, covering 200 miles in a span of less than 36 hours, potentially having to run 6 miles at 2am, when not running, hanging out in a van w/ 5 other people (you may or may not know), with little to no sleep, may or may not be able to shower after each run (leg), all your belongings are packed in little Ziploc baggies, and pretty much living out of a van for 2 days.

he looked at me and said, “you really want to do this?!”

 “YES, it sounds so fun!!!”  {ME}

“okay…whatever you want to do” {hubby}

 “obviously, we have differing definitions of what ‘fun’ is.” {ME}

 “obviously.”  {hubby}

Don’t worry, you will be hearing more about my Ragnar Vegas in October when I start training for it :)

Body Back Instructor!

For those of you who don’t know me in real life and/or don’t follow me on social media, in August I became a certified Body Back Instructor through the Fit4Mom program. I started training this current session that began at the beginning of this month. I did a couple team-teaching classes with the owner. This week was the first time I was completely on my own. I planned out all 3 of the classes I taught!

Here is a brief overview of each of the classes:

Tuesday: “Deck of Cards” {rounds} class

Wednesday: Circuit class–12 stations (TRX, ab roller, cardio, equalizer bars, medicine ball, kettlebell,  hand weights, sand ball, Bosu, and a stability ball)

Thursday: “Half-marathon” themed {rounds} class–9 different exercises–each “mile” consisted of a certain # of exercises

Confessions! Kettlebells! Ragnar! Oh My! {One mother of a Day}

Obviously, Thursday’s class was my favorite. I loved creating these workouts and planning out the entire class from start to finish. I loved even more when the classes were a success. A successful class to me is when the girls tell me they are sore from a class they took yesterday or 2 days ago, then I know I did my job!

So, there it is. The newest happenings in One Mother of a Day’s world.

Oh, can’t forget the most important part of this post. NEW RECIPE!

I asked on social media almost a month ago what recipes you wanted to see me post first on here.

The results are in: 1. apple & onion chicken burger 2. egg-free mayo 3. Easy peasy tuna salad 4. roasted Italian sweet potatoes 5. “fried” rice (egg-free) 6. homemade cashew milk

Voted by the readers, first up: Apple & onion chicken burgers!!

{Paleo} Apple & onion chicken burgers

{Paleo} Apple + onion chicken burgers

Final Product!

{Paleo} Apple + onion chicken burgers

Have you ever done a Ragnar Relay race? If so, which one(s)?

Is there a certain food you love but, your body does not? which one(s)?

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Running 101: FIVE {Must-have} Running Gear

Hi all!

I’m back with my “Running 101″ series I started months ago. I could never be a professional blogger because I am never organized and I never follow through with things. Sadly, the last post I wrote for this series was back in April. Yes, that was almost 4 months ago and I didn’t even realize that I never finished this series until today, when I was going through the archives.

Running 101: FIVE {must have} running gear

Last year, I wrote a post on my favorite running gear but a few of those have changed since. Here is my updated list of running gear that I can’t live without:


FIVE {must-have} running gear

I can NOT go without my Garmin! I got the newest Garmin watch a couple of months ago and absolutely love it! I had my previous Garmin 405 for over 4 years and it was time to upgrade my watch.

Features of the Garmin 620:

touch screen watch that tracks pace, distance and heart rate

calculates recovery time and VO2 max when used with the heart rate monitor

when paired with the HRM able to provide cadence, ground contact time and vertical oscillation

read more info, go here.

You will love this Garmin if:

You love stats!

Want to know your recovery time

Cons: it is a little expensive, but I would rather spend my money on something like this than purses, high-heels or jewelry. #runnerproblems


FIVE {must have} running gear

My last pair of shoes were the Nike Pegasus 29’s and I love them so much with no injuries or aches or pains so I decided to go with them again and I LOVE the color of these!


Responsive cushioning

Lightweight support

increased stability

10mm offset (heal-to-toe offset is lower by 2mm for a more natural foot strike)

read more benefits here

You will love these shoes if:

looking for a lightweight but still provides adequate cushioning and support.

great for long runs

cons: This may not be the right shoe for everyone. Please go to a running specialty store to be fitted for the shoes that are best for you.


FIVE {must have} running gear



holds your phone, ID, money, gels, inhaler, key

bounce free

You will love this belt if:

You want to be hands-free during your run/race

cons: It doesn’t have the biggest compartment but it holds all my essentials.


FIVE {must have} running gear


easy-squeeze bottle

adjusted hand strap

large expandable pocket that can fit a phone, ID, cash,etc

You will love this product if:

You are tired of carrying a plastic water bottle around

don’t want to wear a hydration belt that will weigh you down

**side note** I used this handheld water bottle for all my races since I bought this and even used it throughout my marathon.


FIVE {must have} running gear

Features of: Rock My Run

 Select a playlist based on: BPM, duration, lyrics

Features of: iPod

create your own playlist

cons: if you don’t like listening to music while you run.

**side note- This last one is optional, not everyone listens to music while they run.

What are some of your “must-haves” that you never leave home without for a run?

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In case you missed my other blog posts in this series, here they are:

Getting Started

Nutrition and Paleo

Proper Fuel

FIVE {must-have} running gear

Training (coming soon)

recovery (coming soon)

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WIAW #20: What I ate on Day 5 of my Elimination Diet

WIAW #20: What I ate on day 5 of my Elimination Diet


Hi everyone!

I know it has been awhile since I have talked about my diet and my autoimmune symptoms on here and wanted talk about what new developments that have occurred just in the last week. I know many may not benefit from this particular post, but for the small percentage that will benefit then this post is for YOU.



Peas and Crayons

It is also What I ate Wednesday over at Peas and Crayons so I fused the two together. A nice little “two-for-one” for ya. The end of this post will be everything I ate on my Elimination Diet yesterday. If you want to skip all this diet and autoimmune talk than scroll down to the bottom, my feelings won’t be hurt, to get to the food.

To bring you up to date to last Monday (8/18/14):

  • In June 2014, I was a week away from being completely off of Cyclosporine (immunosuppressant drug) which would have been huge, but one day I woke up and noticed a few hives and as the days went on each morning I woke up with a few more hives and my lip and eye-lid started swelling again. So, I had to start increasing my dosage again until my symptoms subsided. This was a huge discouragement because now I was back to where I was over 6 months ago.  I had been on it since December 2013 and was very slowly being weaned off of this particular drug. I was and still am on 2 other drugs for my condition but they aren’t nearly as risky as cyclosporine is to take for extended periods of time.
  • July 2014- Saw my Allergist and told him what happened, we decided to keep it at the higher dose for the next month to make sure my system had time to calm down before I started weaning again. At this point, I was getting frustrated because it felt I had made any progress in the last 7 months and this was how my life was going to be, always weaning off, crossing fingers my symptoms didn’t come back and then having start taking cyclo again when they did re-appear. I had to look for another option, I couldn’t live my life-like this. I realized my quality of life is much more important. I wanted to start looking into a more natural approach rather than the medicine-induced coma that is the Pharmaceutical industry. A friend had referred me to an Integrative Medicine doctor. I made the first available appointment but not until the middle of August. In the meantime, I started to look at my “diet” a little closer. I cut out eggs completely to see if I felt any different.
  • August 2014- I dropped one dose of cyclosporine, since I had no flare-ups. I had been egg-free for a good 2 weeks and  then started to slowly have a few here and there. I started getting lazy with my food. I was still eating Paleo for my main meals, but the food in-between those meals were far from Paleo. The iced vanilla macchiato were a flowing, the ice cream that was consumed by the gallons, and the chocolate never even stood a chance in my house. Let’s just say, it was quite a scene.

Quick explanation to what Cyclosporine is and does and potential side effects:

  1. Is used to suppress your immune system
  2. Normally administered to patients who just had an organ transplant so their body doesn’t reject their new organ
  3. Longer you are on this drug the higher the risk you have to develop liver and kidney failure, as well as cancer.
  4.  More prone to illness, colds, flu, infections, pretty much anything.


Now I bring you to last Monday’s doctor’s appointment with the Integrative Medicine doctor:

  • I went over my whole medical history with her. Explaining all the medications I am on and for what reason and the timeline of my Autoimmune condition.
  • She asked me what I wanted out of coming to her. I explained that I want a better quality of life. I don’t want to live like this with this cycle of being on drugs, weaning off, going back on them and never knowing if and when my symptoms would re-appear and without any answers as to why this is happening.
  • She ordered a ton of blood work! I mean a ton. Last Friday, I had to give 6 vials of blood and this past Monday were 10 vials. Yikes!
  • The blood work that was ordered:
  1. Celiac profile and antibody assessment
  2. Vitamin D, B12 levels
  3. several different minerals ( I can’t remember them all)
  4. physical panel
  • She also gave me probiotic pills to take daily that are free of dairy, casein, soy, corn, grain, shellfish etc (every possible allergen that there is). She stated that majority of autoimmune diseases are caused by a leaky gut, that my gut needs to be healed.
  • She also put me on an Elimination Diet. It is similar to Paleo but it mostly focuses on everything being diary-free, soy-free and gluten-free.
  • Food items I have to exclude:
  1. ALL Diary (milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, ALL grass-fed dairy)
  2. ALL soy products
  3. NO peanuts or peanut products
  4. NO shellfish
  5. NO sugar of any kind which includes honey :(
  6. NO red meat ( beef, bison)
  7. NO pork (that’s right, no bacon and don’t try to tell me turkey bacon, that is NOT.REAL.BACON!!)
  8. NO sausages, cold cuts, hot dogs
  9. NO chocolate
  10. NO coffee (I will talk about this later)
  11. NO grains that include gluten (pasta, bread, etc)
  12. NO eggs

Probably wondering what the hell I can even eat?

Foods I CAN eat:

  1. YES fruits (whole, juice, raw)
  2. YES vegetables (All)
  3. YES gluten-free grains (oats, rice)
  4. YES chicken, turkey, fish
  5. YES legumes (I am not including these, since I have been legume-free I don’t want to incorporate them back in at this point)
  6. YES nuts, seeds (just no peanuts)


I know, crazy right?! Trust me, I wanted to give up on this diet on Day 1 with only a couple of hours into it. The hardest part is giving up my grass-fed cheese, beef, sausages, my cream and my beloved caffeine-laden coffee drinks. Don’t worry I am not giving up my coffee 100% but trying to limit to regular coffee just once in the morning and having decaf in the afternoon. My coffee still isn’t the same without my half and half in it. For those that know me, know how hard this is for me. I think if I completely cut coffee out, my body would completely shut down.


In these first few days, trying to find foods that are compliant has been very eye-opening for me. Even as simple as almond butter or almond milk, you would think you could find “clean” versions of these products in the grocery store, but when you start reading labels you realize that there are a lot more than you would think in them. I have quickly realized if I want food that is dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free and peanut-free I am going to have to make everything myself. I was even surprised looking at canned tuna, the list of ingredients looks “clean”, but then there is a line in bold underneath stating “This product contains: soy”.  Yeah, pretty shocking. The one brand that I found that’s compliant is Wild Planet brand. I have come to the conclusion that I should stick to real whole food so I don’t have to worry about reading a list of ingredients because there aren’t any. I am going to start making nut milks (cashew and hazelnut) and almond butter (after that Costco almond butter recall which I had in my pantry). I’m waiting on my order from Amazon for the nut milk bags, raw hazelnuts and glass jars to start the process. Yes, it will be a little more time in the kitchen, but I want to give this Elimination Diet the best possible shot.

Whew! Sorry, that was a lot of me talking. I even had to take a break. Onto the reason why you have stayed with me so far, FOOD.

Finally, to the good part!

WIAW #20: What I ate on day 5 of my elmination diet

{5am} coffee w/ almond/coconut milk {6am}2nd cup of coffee  {7:30am} ground chicken patties (recipe coming soon) + 1/2 avocado + small baked sweet potato {12pm} sliced banana + almond butter (don’t worry, not the recalled one) {2pm} Tuna cakes (Nom Nom Paleo) + Paleo fried rice (sans eggs) (recipe coming soon)  {3pm} decaf  coffee w/ almond/coconut milk  {5:30pm} Roasted garlic and artichoke stuffed chicken (Popular Paleo) + Paleo fried rice + side of red grapes  {9pm} Protein smoothie (this was not 100% compliant due to the grass-fed dairy in the Formulx protein powder but I am allowing it in my diet a couple of times a week)


If you made it all the way to the end, congrats!! I know this was a really loonnnnngggg post. I was trying to break it up into 2 separate posts, but I couldn’t figure out where to appropriately split it up.

Since you hung with me through all this, can I ask one more favor? Head on over to Jenn’s Peas & Crayon’s blog to check out what other bloggers having been eating and maybe get some new ideas for meals!

Have you made any homemade nut milks or butters? Which ones?

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If you want to read my whole autoimmune story, check out these posts:

My Autoimmune Story: From the Beginning

My Autoimmune story: The Saga Continues (part 1 )

My Autoimmune Story: Finally some relief (part 2)

Paleo is a lifestyle, not a diet

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{Paleo} Food Prep + Meal Planning: 8/11-8/16/14 {Bonus: The Perfect Mayo recipe}

Hello! It’s me again!

I know I come into your life and then quickly disappear from it. I am not going to apologize for my lack of blogging. There are no set rules for blogging. That is what is great about being a blogger, you can come and go as you please. You can share as little or as much as you are comfortable with. I am also not going to promise you when my next post will be either, it could be tomorrow or 2 weeks from now. Don’t worry, I am not going to fall off the face of the blogging world. I have tons of blog post ideas, it is just a matter of spending the time to put them together and getting them out to you guys. Stay tuned!

{Paleo} Food prep and meal planning: week of 8/11-8/16/14

I know it has been FOREVER since I wrote up a food prep/meal planning post, so I am gracing you with my presence today :) You. Are. Welcome.

{Paleo} food prep and meal planning: week of 8/11-8/16/14

{Paleo} Food prep and meal planning: week of 8/11-8/16/14

**sidenote: Need a high-protein meal idea, that is quick and easy? Tuna salad! Each ONE of those containers has 48g of protein in them.


Menu for the week:


ground beef patty w/ roasted beets or baked sweet potato

leftovers from dinner



Tuna salad (tuna + paleo mayo + pickles + red onion) on a bed of mixed greens + fruit

chicken salad (deli meat + lettuce + mayo + sauerkraut + avocado + bacon)



Perfect meatballs w/ sage sweet potato noodles (The Paleo Kitchen)

chicken lettuce cups (shredded chicken + spices of choice + diced onions) w/ salsa + avocado



Paleo Mayo (I use this recipe by The Clothes Make the Girl but only use 1 cup light olive oil) (directions? see below)

homemade kombucha

Cherry gummies ( I use this recipe, but will substitute the cherry juice instead of the OJ)

cold-brewed coffee (find recipe here)


I follow The Clothes Make the Girl’s recipe for Paleo mayo and it couldn’t be any simpler. I know I have said this before, but I will never buy store-bought mayo ever again!

Here are the easy to follow steps to have your mayo come out PERFECT every time:

{Paleo} Food prep and meal planning week of: 8/11-8/16/14

**correction: I know in the directions it states to use lemon juice, but of course I had none in the house today so I substituted with lime juice and it came out PERFECTLY! Good to know for future reference.

That is about it for the week.

I am trying out a couple new recipes this week. It has been a long time since I made my Paleo gummies and this time I am making cherry flavored ones. I had bought a starter kit to make kombucha at home, over a month ago, and today I am determined to get my first batch of kombucha brewing. I will let you all know how it goes, wish me luck! As you can tell it is going to be a wild and crazy Sunday night over here!

Have you ever had kombucha? Have you brewed it yourself? How did it turn out?

After seeing how easy it is to make your own mayo, would you give it a try?

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WIAW #19: Modified-Autoimmune Protocol Edition

Hi Everyone!

Hope your week is going well! Some of you know that I have started to follow a special diet, a modified-Autoimmune Protocol diet. It is very similar to Paleo except it also excludes eggs, nuts/seeds, nightshade veggies, and coffee/caffeine. For right now I am focusing on just cutting out eggs (except for my paleo mayo), nightshade veggies and limiting my nut/seed intake. I am NOT giving up coffee! Let’s not get crazy now! I started this Protocol last Monday and only made it 4 full days until the weekend hit and it all went down hill from there. I am back on day 3 today and determined to make it through the weekend strong! I will go into more detail about this Autoimmune Protocol in a later post (hoping to get it written out this week, but don’t hold me to it!). The main reason obviously has to do with my own autoimmune condition and trying to decrease the chance of another flare-up. Since this AIP is so restrictive you are probably thinking what can I possibly eat? I am going to share with you some of the yummy meals I have been eating this past week and a half and show you it is possible to still get delicious food and at the same time follow the Autoimmune Protocol.

WIAW #19: modified-autoimmune protocol eats!



Since it is Wednesday, I am linking up with Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for her weekly WIAW series!! Don’t forget to hop on over to the link-up party and  check out what other bloggers have been munching on!!

Peas and Crayons


WIAW #19 : Autoimmune protocol edition

1. breakfast-Italian beef casserole (used Popular Paleo’s recipe for Tex-Mex casserole but swapped the spices for Italian seasonings and omitted the bell peppers) 2. lunch-Chicken/apple sausage w/ sauerkraut + pickles + mustard (not AIP) +chicken salad (w/ paleo mayo-not AIP) over a bed of mixed greens 3. lunch- tuna salad (mayo not AIP) over a bed of mixed greens + pickles 4. breakfast-sweet potato hash + beef patty w/ Paleo Caesar dressing

These are not your “normal” breakfast items! When you can’t have eggs, you have to start getting creative.

WIAW#19 Autoimmune Protocol edition

5. Kielbasa w/ apple + sauerkraut 6. crispy smashed chicken (Nom Nom Paleo) w/ mango/cucumber salsa (Nom Nom Paleo) w/ a side of mixed greens 7. balsamic glazed meatballs (Primal Palate) w/ sautéed julienned carrots


There it is! What do you think?

Do any of these recipes sound like something you could eat?


If you want to read more about my autoimmune story check out these past posts:

My Autoimmune story From the beginning

My Autoimmune story: Part 1

My Autoimmune story: Part 2 (Finally some relief)

Paleo is a lifestyle, not a diet.

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Friday Five: Fitness Snapshots

Friday Five: Fitness Snapshots

I am going to make this post short and sweet for you today. I am linking up with the fabulous DC Trifecta, aka Courtney @EatPrayRunDC , Mar @Mar on the run and Cynthia @YouSignedupforWhat?!. Today’s theme is “Fitness snapshots”.



Friday Five: Fitness snapshots

This snapshot was from a couple of weeks ago. If you follow me on Instagram and my Facebook page than this isn’t new to you but for those that don’t, here ya go! I saw someone on FB post a video of their wall walks and it looked like something I could try and work on. My hubby saw it too and next thing you know, we are both practicing these wall walks and trying to do better than the other person. We aren’t competitive at all {insert *sarcasm*} If you want to see the whole video go to my IG or FB account and it was from a couple of weeks back!



Friday Five: Fitness Snapshots

We all went over to my parents for the 4th of July and had a nice day in the pool! Z loves the water which has its positives and negatives.

Friday Five: Fitness snapshots

Last Sunday I met our training group for another group run. Majority of us started at 6:30, but I wanted to run 12-13 miles that morning and knew I needed to get out there before than. I met one of the ladies in our group at 5:30 so we could get in a few extra miles before the rest of the girls showed up. It was hot that day. I am glad we got an early start. I ran 5 miles at 5:30am, 4 miles with the group and drove home and ran my last 3 miles to make it a total of 12 for the day. I was going to run the last 3 on the trail, but I quickly started having bathroom “issues” and thought it would be smart to be “close to home”.



Friday Five: Fitness snapshots

Since we moved Z to his toddler bed, the nap situation hasn’t been that consistent and/or long. The only way he will go done for a nap is if I take him on a short walk (in his stroller) around our neighborhood. The walk is only about 20 minutes, but when it is 1 in the afternoon and it is already at least 95 degrees, it isn’t the most relaxing walk (for me). It is worth dealing with the heat for 20 minutes if it gets  Z to sleep for 3 hours. It is totally worth it! I don’t know how to break this cycle of him having to be walked in order to fall asleep, but I will try anything so he keeps his long 3-hour naps. I know he still needs a nap because when he doesn’t nap than by dinner time he is literally falling asleep on the couch. Okay, enough of my rant about my sons’ nap time, I could write a whole novel in this topic.

Friday Five: Fitness snapshots

Last night, I did something that I have never done. I ran on the trail at night. Actually, it wasn’t technically dark out, but by the time we finished our run the sun had gone down. I met up with a running buddy and we ran 6 miles with her. It was tough to get motivated to get out that late in the evening to go running, but I was glad I did (when I was finished). It is true what they say, “You never regret the workout you did, but always regret the one you didn’t do” or something to that effect.


Don’t forget to check out Friday Five’s link-up before you log off!

Post a picture in the comments below of one of your fitness snapshots of the week!

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WIAW # 18: New Paleo Eats! {Bonus recipe: Cherry protein smoothie}

Guess what today is? Wednesday, duh! And that also means it is WIAW (or aka What I Ate Wednesday)!! I’m linking up with Jen @Peas and Crayons for her weekly series where bloggers share what they have been eating.

WIAW #18 New Paleo Eats! {Bonus recipe: cherry protein smoothie}

It has been awhile since I have shared some of the yummy paleo food I have been eating. Unless you follow me on Instagram than some of these will look familiar! If you read my post on Monday (“I’m back baby, I’m back!”) you already know I bought a new Paleo cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen, by Juli Bauer (PaleOMG) and George Bryant (Civilized Caveman). This book is one of my favorites already! In the last week, I have already made 3 of the recipes in the book and they have all surpassed my expectations!

side note: Since legally I cannot share the recipes in the book, unless that particular recipe has already been released, you will have to just go out and buy the book for yourself!

Without further adieu, here are some of the new paleo eats!

WIAW #18 New Paleo Eats!

1.Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes (The Paleo Kitchen, cookbook)  2.veggie omelet (spinach, onions, peppers and mushrooms)  3.Chicken Fingers {The Healthy Foodie} over a bed of mixed greens + honey mustard dressing  4.Rosemary and sun-dried tomato meatballs {The Paleo Kitchen} over a bed of julienned sautéed carrots  5 Cranberry chicken salad {The Paleo Kitchen} over a bed of mixed greens + Paleo deviled eggs  6.lettuce wrapped hamburger + side of mixed greens w/ homemade ranch dressing  7.cherry & blueberry protein smoothie (using Formulx protein powder) {see recipe below}


WIAW#18: Cherry + blueberry protein smoothie

If you are looking for a high quality protein powder, that is also non-GMO, no artificial flavorings, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, hormone-free, and  100% grass-fed whey. Look no further! Formulx is your guy!! I am an affiliate for them, so make sure to use my affiliate link, on my home page of this blog, to place an order.

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WIAW Peas and crayons

Random question: How do you like your eggs? scrambled? fried? sunny-side up?

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I’m back baby, I’m back! {Catching up with One Mother of a Day}

One mother of a day


I’m back baby, I’m back!!

Do you still remember me? I hope so! I am back from an unplanned break from blogging. Actually, three weeks to be exact. I popped in last Friday when I linked up with the fabulous trifecta ladies of D.C. for their weekly Friday five series, titled, “Things you may not know about me”. My plan wasn’t to wait so long in between blog posts. I will be honest with you, blogging takes up a lot of my time. I really don’t know how bloggers do it, putting out blog posts DAILY, commenting on dozens of other bloggers, and interacting on all social media outlets. I can’t keep up! It was getting too much for me to try to write 3x a week or even 2x a week. I was realizing that I wasn’t focusing as much attention on being a Mother and Wife. When my blogging starts to interfere with my home life that is when I know I need to take a break from blogging.

Since I have been MIA, I will update you on what has been happening in my life, these days.

{New Post} I'm back baby, I'm back! (One Mother of a Day)


If you remember back in May I started another Whole30 round with some of my readers. I was posting weekly my food prep/meal planning posts and would do a weekly wrap up of what I ate each week. You may have wondered what happened because after week 3 I stopped posting about my experience. Okay, I am not going to beat around the bush here, since this whole post is about honesty, here we go:

My Whole30 did not go well.

I had slip-ups. A lot of them.

I wasn’t perfect.

I was in denial that those slip-ups wouldn’t affect my body.

My mind wasn’t in this Whole30.

To be fair, I did do good for the first 2 1/2 weeks, but after that I became lazy and my old cravings came back. I was going through the Starbucks’ drive-thru daily and buying cookies and pastries at the grocery store. I was no longer following the Whole30 program, at that point.

So, am I still doing Paleo?

***Editior’s note: Some things have changed since I wrote the paragraph below. This was written last Thursday, June 26, 2014.***

I am on Day 3 of strict paleo. For the last month, my non-paleo foods were outweighing paleo foods and that is always a recipe for disaster. After the Whole30 fiasco and being out of  town last weekend, my body was sending me a message. Last weekend, my autoimmune symptoms made an appearance again. I woke up with puffy eyes, lip and a couple dozen hives spread throughout my body. For the last 5 months, I had been slowly weaning off of one of my autoimmune medications (Cyclosporine), under the direction of my Allergist, we had been hopeful that I would in the very near future be off of this drug completely. Needless to say, I was rather disappointed when I woke up looking like a hive of bees had attacked me. I will spare you the details of my whole medical history, but I was down to only taking this particular drug 2x a week, which was huge since I started having to take this drug 4x a day, every single day. So, after that whole minor flare-up, I made a decision, when we got home from our trip, I would go back to 100% strict paleo and see if my symptoms would subside. I am on day 3 of strict paleo and it has been 3 full days since I have had to take Cyclosporine. *knock on wood* I hope I am going in the right direction.

UPDATE! {Monday, June 30, 2014}

Here is an update since I started writing this post.

I wish I had better news to tell you, regarding my autoimmune symptoms. Over the weekend, my symptoms came back again. Sunday was the worst of all the days. Of course, that was the same day that I was joining a few ladies on our local trail to start their half marathon training in the Fall. I was so glad I followed through with running that morning. When ever I am going through a flare-up, running is the only thing that will take my mind off my symptoms. At first, I was just only to run the 3 miles with our training group and go home, but once I was out on the trail I knew I had to keep running and get my 10 in for the day.  I was so hopeful for those first 3 days since they were going so well. I have starting taking the Cyclosporine daily. Today I have not had to take it yet *knock on wood*

No races in the near future!

Yes, you read that right! For the first time in a while I am not registered for any races! It is actually very freeing. I love not having to follow a strict running schedule. If I want to run than I will. If I don’t want to run, than I won’t. Simple as that. By not having any races to train for, it has actually made me love running even more. Since my running schedule has become more open it has given me an opportunity to help “train” a group of ladies that are running half marathons this coming Fall. I love helping others get into running.

Alright, enough of me rambling on. I will show you in pictures what we have been up to the past few weeks! Enjoy!

{New Post} I'm back baby, I'm back! (One Mother of a Day {New Post} I'm back baby, I'm back! (One Mother of a Day

{New Post} I'm back baby, I'm back! (One Mother of a Day)

Runners: have you ever taken a “break” from races and just run for fun?

Bloggers: Do you take blogging “breaks”? Planned or unplanned?

Tell me one thing that you have been up to lately? Catch me up!!

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{Friday Five} Things you may not know about me!

Hi everyone!

How has everyone been doing? Getting ready for the 4th? Any special plans? I’m linking up again with the D.C. Trifecta, aka Eat Pray Run DC, Mar on the Run, and You Signed up for What?! for their weekly Friday five series. This weeks’ theme is “about me”. This sounded like a fun topic, who doesn’t like talking about themselves and especially bloggers. I know as a blogger we talk about our life, our interests, and our experiences, A LOT, so you would think you would know pretty much everything about me. Right?! Surprisingly for you, there are still some things you may not know about me.

Ha! You like how I completely ignored the fact that I haven’t posted on here in 3 weeks? You are probably wondering where I have been and why you are seeing a new post from me today? No? Okay, that’s fine. For those of you who still remember me, be on the look out in the next day or so for a post explaining why I took an unplanned break from blogging.


Friday Five: Things you may not know about me


1.  For the longest time, I wanted to be a toxicologists and/or a medical examiner. When I was a teenager i was reading a lot of Patricia Cornwell books who the main character, Kay Scarpetta, was a Chief Medical Examiner. I loved that she was a strong-willed woman who didn’t take crap from anyone, especially her friend/colleague Mario. I could really see myself in that field; on the end where the victim can not tell you their story, you have to figure it out on your own, by running tests, looking through evidence and examining the body. Well, I obviously came to my sense and realized that blood, guts and gore make me physically sick and that line of work would not be my best option.

2.  I watch reality TV, a lot of it. Yes, I am guilty of it. I am not proud of it, but it is what it is. I actually watch more reality than non-reality. Don’t tell me I’m the only one?! If you need someone to talk to about who the latest Catfish was that Nev and Max helped catch or if Jenalle will ever get full parental custody of Jace ever again or if you are looking forward to the return of RHONJ (even though they have replaced over half the cast from last season-what’s up with that?!) than I am your girl!

3. I worked at a local coffee shop for over 7 years. Yes, it is true. It was literally the perfect job! What’s not to love?! You are around coffee all day, you drink coffee all day and you get to make others happy by giving them coffee. You wouldn’t believe how people’s mood would change after you gave them their coffee drink and they took their first sip of the day, their mood and demeanor were like night and day!

4. Owning a coffee shop. And no, not another Starbucks location! Please there are way too many of those! This is related to #3 since I spent so much time working at a coffee shop. Towards the end of my time at the coffee shop I was also going to school for a business degree. When we were assigned projects I would always use the coffee shop as my business plan. I had hoped some day I would be able to open my coffee shop and being able to fulfill a dream of mine. Maybe some day…

5. Went back to school to become a Nutritionist. That latest a quick minute. I was in between jobs (aka unemployed), at the time, and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do as a career and I have always been interested in nutrition, how the body works, etc. I registered at a nearby community college that offered a program in becoming a Nutritionist. I loved all the classes I enrolled in. I was getting A’s in all my classes. I was for the first time truly enjoying school. Then reality hit and I chose a full-time job over part-time schooling. Looking back, I wish I would have followed through with the program. Oh well, that is life!

Ugh! sorry for the complete lack of pictures in this post! I promise next post will have an over flow of pictures!

Did any of these surprise you or did you already know?

Your turn! Tell me one thing that people may not know about you.

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Friday Five: This Summer I will…

Friday Five: This Summer I will....

Hi everyone!

This was a last-minute decision to participate in this weeks’ link-up, hosted by the wonderful trifecta team of DC, that include Eat Run Pray DC, Mar on the Run and You Signed up for What?!. I was on the fence with this weeks’ topic because I didn’t think I was going to be able to come up with anything. To many, Summer means, summer break, no school, having the kids home all the time, but for me none of that applies. I am a stay at home mom that doesn’t have any kids in school, yet. Summer for us means just hotter days, trying to find ways to stay cool during the day, and parks/playgrounds being more crowded (hey don’t tell me I’m the only one that thinks this). The more I thought of the topic I started coming up with a list of different personal goals that I wanted to work on and new/old places I wanted to take my son.



1. Going technology free an hour before bedtime.

I will be the first to admit that I spend wayyyyy too much time on my phone, computer and tv watching. Mainly, my phone I am on pretty much ALL.DAY.LONG. My goal this Summer is to work on cutting my time on my phone and focusing more on my real life because life goes by way too fast and before I know it my son will be going off to college and I would be left wishing I hadn’t spent so much time on my phone.


2. Go to bed by 10:30 (the latest).

Lately I have been going to bed after 11, sometimes not til midnight. There is no reason for me going to bed so late. I feel the best during the day when I get between 7-8 hours of sleep. When I get less than that I can tell a big difference in my mood and energy level during the day. I also make bad food choices when I am not well rested which probably contributes to my mood and low energy. It is a vicious cycle. With me going to bed after 11:30 and waking up between 5:30-6 or 4:30 (thanks to a certain 2 1/2-year-old), which does not equal 7 hours.


3. Take Z to The Cove (a local water park) and Aquarium of the Pacific (Long Beach, CA)

I really think he would enjoy both of these places. Z loves the water and this water park is only 25 minutes or so away with a reasonable fee to get in for the day. I want to make sure we go to the Aquarium during the month of June because only this month at 10 or 11 in the morning they will let the penguins walk around with the public. You can’t get any  closer than that. {Visiting or live in Southern California and need some ides to take the kids? Read my post on 5 places to take your kids this Summer, here}


4. Do more trail running.

Friday Five: THis Summer I will....

I have only been trail running twice now, but I am hooked already. It is a completely different feel than road running. You are more aware of where you are stepping, focus more on reaching a certain point on the trail, rather than how long it took me to get there. It is freeing, you are among nature, no traffic zooming by you, and overall very peaceful. I would like to make it up to Big Bear and do a little running up there this summer. Last time I ran in Big Bear was for a 15k that I didn’t train for properly and literally just wanted to walk off the course and pretend it never happened. I want my redemption, in a sense.


5. Focus on drinking more water.

I know I have mentioned this before, but I am horrible at drinking water. If I don’t work out during the day it is extremely hard for me to drink water. I have tried all sorts of tricks to get myself to drink more water: bought new water bottles, added my Nuun hydration tablets and infused my water with different fruits and herbs to add flavor. My goal this summer is to focus on drinking at least 80 ozs a day. This is really important during the Summer months because it gets so hot here (and is already hot), I will be outside a lot, and will be running in the heat, so I will need to make sure I am replacing all those electrolytes that I am sweating out and avoid dehydration.

What are you going to do this Summer?

Are you a good water drinker? Any tips or tricks?

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