WIAW#13: Paleo Eats!

Hi all!

I do love social media, majority of the time. I know sometimes it can seem over whelming with keeping up with all the different social media outlets that are out there, but there is some good the comes out of it. For example, when I need ideas, advice and/or tips on pretty much anything I can log onto Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram, ask a question and get feedback. So, you are probably asking yourself what is this lady talking about and where is she going with this? Am I right? Okay, well I had asked a question on my personal and blog Facebook page on what my readers want to see more of on my blog. Majority of the responses were they enjoyed all the content that I put on here, but the common answer was FOOD! And I totally agree! That is why I like following food bloggers because I love seeing what others eat and get ideas from them.

WIAW #13 Paleo eats

I am joining in the weekly link-up on Jen’s Peas & Crayons blog today! Make sure to head on over to her blog and see other bloggers’ daily eats!

If you follow me on Instagram already than some of these pictures will look familiar :)

WIAW #13 Paleo eats

This is my current favorite lunch. I also add 2 paleo deviled eggs to it to make it a total of 30 g of protein for the meal! And yes cheese is technically not Paleo, but if you read my last post on finding my own personal paleo code than it will all make sense. Read the post here.

WIAW #13 Paleo eats chinese style take-out

 Paleo General Tso’s Chicken w/ shrimp (left it out) fried cauliflower “rice” and stir-fry vegetables

I have a very exciting story about the above photo. Okay, maybe just exciting to me because I am a total nerd but still pretty cool. I made all three of these recipes from Primal Palate’s book Gather and after I plated the meal I snapped a picture and posted it on Instagram and Facebook. Within a 5 minute period Primal Palate themselves reposted my photo on both their IG and FB accounts!! I know! I couldn’t believe it either! And the cherry on top was they started following me on IG and Bill “liked” my Facebook page for my blog. I told you, I am a TOTAL.NERD! Anyways, on a side note the link above for the chicken and shrimp fried “rice” are not directly linked to their website since the recipe is only in the book. Sorry, you may just have to buy it :)

WIAW #13 paleo eats

I saved the best for last, sweet treats! These 3 are my favorite Paleo treats, by far!

1. PaleOMG-Evis cookies: “Peanut butter” banana bacon chocolate chip cookies

2. banana slices + Barney Butter almond, cocoa and coconut butter + with Steve’s Original Paleo Krunch!! Love Steve’s whole product line!!

3. Taylor Made it Paleo- Paleo Reese’s eggs {all Paleo except the sprinkles :) }

This is totally unrelated, but I asked this question on Facebook yesterday and loved hearing all the responses:

Do you remember the first time you ran a mile? When was it? How old were you?

My answer: I was in 6th grade and had to run a mile for the President’s physical Fitness testing. I still remember the field at my elementary school that I had to run around. My time was about 8:07 (the seconds not accurate) and I was so proud of myself.

WIAW Peas and Crayons

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Running 101: Nutrition and Paleo


running 101 nutrition and paleo

Nutrition. Food. Fuel. Whatever you want to call it, the food that you consume is fuel for your body to function at its optimum performance. What you eat can make or break a run. The key to a good run is to find the right foods that works best with (not against) your body. There is not ONE “diet” that works the same for each individual person. Yes, I follow a Paleo “diet” or lifestyle (is more like it). Yes, my “diet” has changed drastically over the course of the last year or so. Yes, I never imagined my “diet” to be like it is today. No, I am not Paleo perfect, in any sense of the word. No, I don’t follow the Paleo lifestyle 100% of the time.


Your Personal Paleo Code

If you haven’t picked up Chris Kresser’s Your Personal Paleo Code, than you need to go out right now and buy it! This book will be your best and smartest investment to date. He goes into detail on finding the right foods for you. He even suggests some rice and legumes. Gasp! I know, crazy!

own personal paleo code yes and no list

Protein: 10-20% (50-100g)** (I try to get closer to 20% or a little higher)

Medium/high carb: 25%-35% (125-200)**

Fat: the remaining percentage (range from 45-65%)

*p.304 Your Personal paleo Code by Chris Kresser

**based on my height/weight/activity level: 5’ 5”/145 lbs/workout 5+ days a week each workout exceeding at least 60 minutes


What’s your paleo code?

The following is taken from Chris Kresser’s book where he discusses the basic guidelines to reset your “diet” to your very own personal paleo code. He emphasizes the importance of experimenting with different ratios and finding the ones that work best for you.

Running 101: Nutrition and Paleo: Whats your paleo code

*Kresser does not include non starchy vegetables when calculating carb count. (ie-doesn’t include carrots, peppers, green leafy vegetables, etc)

**All these numbers are directly from Chris Kresser’s Your Personal Paleo Code p. 56


Next step after resetting your macronutrient ratio is:

Modifying those ratios based on several different factors.

  • Constitution (genetics, physiology, biology)
  • Season
  • Geography/climate
  • Health status (will determine if you need to be on a very low-carb, low-carb, moderate-carb and high-carb diet)
  • Activity Level
  • Goals

**all these factors are directly from Chris Kresser’s Your Personal Paleo Code p. 301-303


Carbs are your friends

Paleo is perceived to be a low-carb “diet” which can’t be farther from the truth. What is great about Paleo is that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Paleo can be low carb, medium carb or high carbohydrates, depending on your activity level. I am between medium to high carb due to the fact that I workout 6 days a week and 2 of those days I workout 3x a day. I need those carbs to replace the glycogen that was lost.

Another great book to buy is Loren Cordain’s The Paleo Diet for Athletes. I guess you can consider him the Godfather of the Paleo World. Loren talks about how eating starchy vegetables are essential in an athlete’s diet for optimum performance.

Here is an excerpt from his book where he outlines the four reasons the Paleo diet works best for athletic performance, one of those being glycogen stores.

“One of the most important goals of any athletic diet is to maintain high muscle stores of glycogen, a body fuel absolutely essential for high-level performance. Dietary starches and sugars are the body’s number one source for making muscle glycogen. Proteins won’t do it, neither will fat….certain carbohydrates are more effective than others in restoring muscle glycogen, particularly specific types of sugar, such as glucose and net alkaline-producing starches found in bananas, sweet potatoes, and yams.”

The Paleo Diet for Athletes by Loren Cordain (p. 6-7)


What are the (Paleo) foods that keep me going?

1. Sweet potatoes (starchy) work great for before and/or after a run

2. Avocados (healthy fats) before a long run (6+ miles)

3. Pistachios (healthy fats) before a run

4. Eggs (protein) easy to prepare and one whole egg has 6g of protein!

Obviously, I don’t always have carbs before a run. There are so many factors in my decision as to what I eat before a run and each run is completely different.

If you are curious how Paleo and my running performance has changed, by the numbers, read this post, here.

End note:

Please remember this post is NOT meant to take the place of a nutritionist, doctor and/or physician. The numbers that I discussed here are ones that work for me and my training. I am not looking to lose weight, but to gain lean muscle. I am following a moderate to high carb “diet” because I live a very active lifestyle and need those extra carbs to fuel my workouts and training runs for my races. I am using the food I eat as FUEL for my body to perform well.


What are your go-to carbs/food that fuel your runs?

Have you made a drastic change in your “diet” recently? Have you noticed a difference in your athletic performance?

Running 101 series:

Getting Started

Nutrition and Paleo

Proper Fueling (coming REAL SOON!)

gear (coming soon)

training (coming soon)

exercises/stretches/strength training/cross-training for the runner (coming soon)

Misc.-weight gain during training, etc.  (coming soon)

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Twenty (non-candy) Easter basket ideas for Toddlers!

Twenty non-candy easter basket ideas for toddlers

Yes, I know there are about one hundred and one of these types of posts circulating the world-wide web around this time of the year. But, I wanted to come up with my list of ideas!

Don’t get wrong, there will be some candy/chocolates in my son’s Easter basket this year or at least that’s what I hear that the Easter Bunny is going to bring. Those are only rumors, so we will see if the rumors are true, come Easter morning.

Okay, enough of my ramblings….Here is the list:


Twenty non-candy easter basket ideas for toddlers


  1. Fun stickers ($1 bin at Target)
  2. chalk (found chick shaped chalk at the $1 bin at Target)
  3. crayons (so Z can break them into little pieces and peel off all the wrappers! Ugh!)
  4. bubbles (I bought an automatic bubble maker at Target)
  5. Spring-inspired plate and bowl (Target-can you sense a theme of where I do most of my shopping?!?)
  6. coloring books ($1 bin Target)
  7. Easter-themed books (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse–on sale Target $4)
  8. Happy Easter, Mouse! book (gotta have a Mouse book for each holiday, right?)
  9. puzzles (found foam ones, easy for the little ones to grab)
  10. Favorite (non-candy) snack (Z’s are teddy grahams and Cherrios)
  11. Favorite Movie that they don’t have yet (Z is obsessed with all things Dust from the Planes movie)
  12. New ball (Target less than $3)
  13. (recycled) Toy or book (we rotate Z’s toys/books so he forgets about them and when we bring them out again he thinks it is a brand new toy/book) WIN-WIN!
  14. matchbox cars
  15. homemade coupons, they can use to redeem (extra outside playtime, get to stay up an extra 10 minutes at night, trip to Starbucks to get a treat,etc.)
  16. Measuring  cups and spoons (plastic)
  17. play dough and spring-inspired cookie cutters
  18. personalized mini photo album (buy cheap small album-put photos of your kiddos and/or favorite animals, things, etc) (Z loves flipping through our albums and looking through all the photos)
  19. Favorite fruit (avocado, banana, apple, oranges, etc) (any fruit that doesn’t need to be refrigerated)
  20. plain old plastic Easter eggs (can make a game out of them-have them collect all the yellow “ones”, blue “ones”, etc)

Shh! Don’t show this to Z! Keep this just between us :)

Hope everyone has a very happy Easter!

Does the Easter bunny come to your house?

Growing up, did your family have any traditions for Easter?

twenty non-candy easter basket ideas for toddlers

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4.15.14 One Year Later.

Boston Strong 4.15.13

One year ago today, the city of Boston and the running community were forever changed.

What was supposed to be a day of  victory, achievement and personal records turned, in a blink of an eye, into a day of tragedy.

The tragedy left many asking the question, why? Why did this happen? Why at the Boston Marathon?

And those questions are still not answered and probably will never be answered.

The friends and family that were directly affected and the running community, as a whole, have come out stronger than ever.

Boston Strong 4.15.13

sending *virtual* hugs to all who’s lives were forever changed on this day, one year ago, and to the rest of the running community.


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Run, like how you live your life, with no regrets.

Editor note: Pretend you are reading this yesterday, Sunday. I was going to write this up last night after Z went to bed but, I went to bed instead. Smart decision. I was tired. Okay, as you were. Read on.


Run, like how you live your life, with no regrets. onemotherofaday


This Sunday’s run couldn’t have gone any better, if I tried. Since last Sunday’s long run turned into a recovery run I knew today I had to run 10. I am glad I was forced by Mother Nature, to run only 6 last week. My body needed it and, most importantly, my mind needed the break.

Strangely, I look forward to waking up early on Sundays. I know that when my alarm goes off at 4:45 I will be very shortly running on the trail. The trail is where I run my long runs, where I test my mental, physical and emotional strength with each passing mile.

One goal I had on today’s run was to run 10 miles. Well, I take that back two goals. The second goal was to run pain-free. All last week I didn’t wear either of my compression sleeves for my knees which was a big WIN for me! There was only once that I used the #KT Tape on one of my knees. That was for my third workout of the day.Yes, you read that right! I must have been delirious that day or something. I never workout three separate times in one day. That is just crazy!

So, back to this morning’s run.

I started off feeling good. My first 4 miles were under 9:30 pace. My slowest was at mile 5 @ 9:42 (and that was the only one over 9:30). I couldn’t believe how good I was feeling through out. I kept waiting for something to hurt or even start to feel a little twinge or something. Again nothing. Not even the balls of my feet hurt which, they always do on and off, starting at mile 5-6. Nothing.

As I was getting closer to the last mile I started realizing that I could have the potential of breaking a sub-2 half, next month. Oh yeah, did I mention I’m running my 8th half marathon next month? I don’t know if I have, on my blog. It’s the OC half that starts in Newport Beach, CA and finishes in Costa Mesa, CA (@ the OC Fairgrounds). It’s a great course. This will be my 4th time running it, not consecutively.

I really needed this good strong long run. It has been a long time since I had a good one. It seems all my runs lately have been slow (compared to my average pace) and just not feeling it. It was actually refreshing to start strong and finish strong. This 10-miler was also my fastest long training run. All the stars had aligned for me this morning.

Run, like how you live your life, with no regrets Blog post

Of course, when you are out running for long periods you start thinking a lot which can be good and bad at the same time. My mind was racing with all sorts of regrets and questions.

Why didn’t I at least try to build up my base again?

Why now were my knees not giving me problems?

Is it too late to start training now for a June 1st full?

Ten miles later I knew what the right and smart decision would be. Not what I wanted it to be but the best logical decision. I know, we runners are not always logical when it comes to running. We always want to keep pushing ourselves and striving to be the fastest, against ourselves. We are stubborn like that.

Decision: The June (Full) marathon is NOT going to happen. There just isn’t enough time to build back up my weekly mileage.

Yes, I regret that it took me this long to even have a strong long run.

But, NO I don’t regret starting my training now and then risk injuring myself again; being in the same situation as I was for my first FULL. {Read a few posts on wrote leading up to my marathon last Fall, here here and here and here}

Things happen for a reason. Life is too short for regrets. Live your life, with no regrets.

My next short-term goal: RUN a sub-2 half at the OC race.

Have you ever had a training run go so smoothly?

Do you have any regrets when it comes to running? Any races you should have trained for but didn’t?

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Friday Five: Most Memorable Races

Hi !

I’m linking up again with Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for their Friday Five series. I actually got my act together and am writing this the day before and not the day of.

Friday Five: 5 most memorable races

I know I have talked about some of my races that I have done but, haven’t highlighted the most memorable ones. Not all of these are good memorable. There is one that I wish never happened.


1. Disneyland Half 2009

friday Five: 5 most memorable races 1st half marathon


This was my very first half. I trained for this race but, had no idea what I was doing. I can’t even remember if I was following a training plan. I know I wasn’t doing as many long runs as I should have. The most I had run during a training run was 9 miles. This course went through Disneyland,  by Honda Center and through the in-field of Anaheim Stadium. I could have cared less about all those attractions. I still remember to this day how much pain I was in by the time I got to mile 9. My legs were in so much pain, they felt like jello. Oh how far I have come!



2. 1st Lt. Jared M Landaker Memorial Run for Freedom 15K

friday five: 5 most memorable races

Yes, you read that right, 7,000 ft. The race took place in Big Bear, CA.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to sign up for this race. By this time I had run a few half marathons so, maybe I was getting a little too confident in my abilities. I under trained in all aspects. I ran all but ONE training run at 900 ft elevation. My only training run that was actually done at race elevation was just a 7 miler. I wasn’t getting in enough long runs and I can’t even say that I was even running 3x a week. My training was overall very poor and it showed on race day. This was the first race that I didn’t run the whole time, I had stopped to walk quite a few times throughout the race. I remember walking along side my husband on the course and crying, saying I just wanted to walk off and pretend this whole thing never happened. I did finish. It wasn’t pretty but I finished. Lessons were learned that day.


3. Surf City Half 2013

Friday Five: 5 most memorable races

This was my first race where I was eating Paleo. I didn’t know how my new “diet” was going to affect my race performance. I felt strong throughout the 13.1 miles. My legs felt good the whole time. Usually around mile 10 is when my body and mind start giving up and struggle to finish but, not this race. I didn’t hit any “wall”. I crossed the finish line not feeling completely wiped. I knew I made a great choice in my new “diet”.


4. OC Half 2013

Friday Five: 5 most memorable races

I had gotten the itch to run a marathon after the Surf City half. I knew before I started this particular race that it would be the deciding factor if I should start training for a full. The race went smoothly. I felt even better than I did in my last half. I finished strong and once I crossed the finish line I knew right then and there that I was going to train for a full. I was only mildly sore the following day. My recovery was one of the quickest I ever had. A couple of weeks after this race was when I registered for my first 26.2 miles.


5. Long Beach Full Marathon 2013

Friday Five: 5 most memorable races

Even to this day, I still can’t believe I completed a marathon. After everything that happened that lead up to race day, I was more determined than ever to finish this race. I got injured 4 weeks out from the race. I didn’t even run the last 2 weeks leading up to the day. I caught a little cold the week before. Two days before, I went to the doctor and was prescribed an inhaler and given a breathing treatment. During the race, at mile 14-15 (?) I got stung by a bee. I swear the race Gods were against me the whole time but, that just made me push more to finish what I started. And now I’m a marathoner!


What is one of your most memorable races? And why?

Is there one that you wish never happened?

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Running 101: Getting Started


Running 101: Getting Started!

It’s weird it has taken me this long to write a post on getting started in running. I guess I was always hesitate to give advice because I am in no means a running expert. I realized that I do have some experience. I think I said I have been running for 8 years in a past post but, I believe it has been close to 10 years. Yikes! Almost a decade.

So…you want to start running, huh?!?!

Well you have come to right place. I know running can be intimidating when first starting off. I know majority of you that read my blog are already very experienced, seasoned runners. This series is for the ones who are thinking of starting up running or coming back after a break from running or just want to be able to run a mile or run their first 5k or 10k. What ever the reason, I am going to try and help you as much as I can in getting you started.

Running 101: Tips on getting started


1. {Invest in good running shoes}

I can’t emphasis enough how important it is in getting fitted for the correct shoes. Some think “well I’m not a “serious runner” so I don’t need to invest in expensive shoes.” That is completely wrong! Whether you are training for your first 5k or full marathon you still need the right shoes for you. For the first 3-4 years of my running journey I was wearing the completely wrong type of shoe for my feet. Once I got fitted for the correct ones it was like night and day in my running.

My recommendation: Visit your local running specialty store and have your feet analyzed by a running expert on the type of shoe that will work best for you.

2. {Have realistic expectations}

Don’t expect to be the fastest. Don’t expect to go out on your first run and be able to run 20 minutes straight or even 5 minutes straight. If you set your expectations too high than that will only lead to being discouraged and wanting to give up. Set mini goals throughout the first few months: run for 2 minutes straight with no stopping, run for 20 minutes using the walk/run method, run a full mile with no stopping. These are just a few examples that you can set for yourself in the beginning. With these mini goals it will give you something to work towards without feeling defeated each time you go out for a run.

My recommendation: For those that have never ran before, set a goal to run for 1/4 mile, with no stopping. After I had my son, I couldn’t even run a 1/10 mile but, I slowly built back up my strength and endurance. Each week I would try to run a 1/4 mile farther each time I would go out for a run and eventually built back up to running a full mile with no stopping.

Suggested article to read: Runner’s World: How to start walking

3. {Trust the process}

This is probably the hardest of all the tips to follow, even for me. When I was training for my marathon I was constantly questioning my training on a daily basis. Was I not running enough? Could I have run faster in that last mile? Was I running too much? My mind was always racing. It is crucial to start gradually and slowly and to trust the process. Follow a training plan and stick to it. In the end all your hard work will pay off.Running 101 on One Mother of a Day


4. {Walk/run method}

The walk/run method is just how it sounds. You walk for a certain amount of time and then run for a specified time. By following this method you will gradually build up your endurance and stamina.

My recommendation: Start with a run/walk ratio of 1:4.  Once your body adapts to that than you can increase to run/walk ratio of 1:2. Listen to your body and what it is telling you. There is a difference between good pain and bad pain and it is very important for you to be able to identify the difference.

Suggested article to read: Runner’s World: How to start running


5. {Pick a race}

If you give yourself something to work towards, you will most likely stick to your training and continue your running journey.

My recommendation: Pick a local 5k and register for that race! Use a training plan and follow it!

Running 101: Getting Started @Onemotherofaday

 My own experience

I have one regret when it comes to how I started running. I wish I would have joined cross-country in high school. I didn’t start running until I was almost done with college.

For the first few years of running, I struggled with side stitches, hip pain, black toe nails, toe nails falling off, burning lungs and many others.

Reader question:

What kind of exercises would be helpful to build up strength for me to start running?

My answer: To start walking. When you can walk at a comfortable pace for 20-30 minutes without being too much out of breath, than I would try to pick up the pace into a slow run. Again I am not certified in anything, this is all based on my own experiences and everyone is different in their fitness levels.

Suggested article to read: Runner’s World: Strength Training for new runners


Did you miss how my running journey started? Read it here.

For those of you who are just getting started: Did you find this post helpful? Do you have any other questions that you want to ask for any of the upcoming topics I will cover (see below)?

Running 101 series:

Getting Started

Nutrition and Paleo

gear (coming soon)

training/recovery (coming soon)

exercises/stretches/strength training/cross-training for the runner (coming soon)

Misc.-weight gain during training, etc.  (coming soon)


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Outrunning the rain.

picmonkey collage coverphoto

Waking up this morning I never would have expected my run to go the way it did.

My plan was to run 10 miles.

That plan completely went out the window at mile 2.5 into my run.

Like any runner, I am constantly checking the weather. Especially the night before a long run. The weather confirmed blue skies all morning. It wasn’t suppose to rain until Tuesday so, I wasn’t worried at all. Well, I was wrong!

I woke up a little after 5, and looked outside and the ground was wet and was still able to hear the rain coming off the roof and hitting our Bar-be-que. Okay, it wasn’t a full on down-pour (that will come in later), but a very heavy drizzle. Again, I wasn’t too concerned because according to the Weather Channel app, it was supposed to be CLEAR SKIES! I didn’t think too much of the wet ground. I went about my normal routine for the morning of a long run.

I had my running buddy join me at the trail. With the clouds looking dark and angry, we both knew there was going to be a good chance that it could rain on us. We both agreed to start anyways, we weren’t going to let a little sprinkle or two stop us from getting our run in for the day!

We weren’t even a half mile into our run when it started lightly sprinkling. I told my buddy that I was still going to do my 10 miles, no matter what. The light sprinkling soon turned into a light rain than to a medium rain and next thing we know, we are in a straight out down pour!! We hadn’t even made it to the 2.5 mile marker when the rain was literally coming down in sheets. I ran about a half mile in a complete down pour when I made the executive decision that this run was going to be turned into a recovery run. All three layers that I was wearing were soaked, my shorts were so wet they were glued to my skin. I probably looked like a crazy person out there! Luckily, the down pour stopped before I got to mile 3 (and my turnaround). The clouds opened up a little and the sun came shining through. The last 3 miles back was dry and sunny.

**The picture below was at my 3 mile turnaround point. That was when the rain had stopped and the sun was coming out. It was so crazy how drastic the weather looked! #nofilter

PicMonkey Collage2differentviewssamespot


Needless to say I only did a little over 6 miles. I know I wanted to do 10 today but, honestly I needed a short easy run. The last 3 Sundays I have been increasing my mileage so, ideally I really needed this Sunday to be an easy run anyways. I was a little disappointed at first but I really wasn’t feeling it anyways this morning. It all worked out in the end.

The last time I ran in a down pour was probably over a year ago. I remember it very clearly. I ran 8 miles in very heavy rain. I know. I know. Many of you reading this are like “A whole year?!?!”. We are very spoiled here in Southern California.


Did you miss my last post? I told my running story on why I started running in the first place! Go check it out, here.


When was the last time you ran in a down pour? 

What is your favorite kind of weather to run in?

What do you call when you have a gathering and cook out on the grill? BBQ or Bar-be-que or grill or cook out or _____?

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My Running Story.

I can’t believe that I have had this blog for over a year and still have not shared my full story on why I started my running journey. I wanted to tell the story before I started my “Running 101″ series.

Everyone will have a different running journey.

 Different reasons as to why they started.

Different motivations.

Different struggles.

Different triumphs.

The one common denominator for why we continue running, are all for very similar reasons. Those reasons are what unites us as runners.

my running story


Here is my story.

If memory serves me right, I began running in 2005 (roughly) but, didn’t run my first race until 2008.

I started running because I wanted to lose weight. I gained the infamous “Freshman 25”. Yes, that is right, that is not a typo. I had gained 25 pounds in college and that was only in the first four years. It took me 5½ years to complete school. Again, that isn’t a typo. It took me 5 ½ years and over $15k in student loans later I was a college graduate. Woo hoo!

2005. I joined a gym down the street from my parents house (where I was living). The gym had a 1 mile track on the second floor and of course severally treadmills. I don’t even know if that was the intent of joining the gym (to start running) but, that was what happened. I started getting on the treadmill and running or if the treadmills were all taken then I would use the indoor track and ran until I was too tired. I would just use the clock that was in the gym to get an estimate on how long I had ran for. I wish I had done some research on how to properly start running. I wasn’t following any training plans or any types of running methods. I would just run. I didn’t even have my Garmin yet. Honestly, unless I was using the treadmill I had no idea how fast I was going or how far I was running.  I did the whole gym thing for a couple of years until I stopped going and finally had the courage to cancel my gym membership. I definitely felt like Chandler Bing and Ross Geller at the time. Don’t worry I hadn’t stopped running. I moved closer to the local university that had an actually outside track that I was able to run on. I continued using the outside track to work on my short sprints and ran the hood for my longer runs.

Fast forward to 2008. I registered my hubby and I up for our very first race, a local 10k.

Six months after that we ran another local 10k together.

September 2009. My hubby and I both ran our first half marathon. It was pretty miserable but, by the next day I was already looking online for our next race. I was hooked!

December 2009. I bought my very first Garmin 405cx watch which I still use to this day.

“College 25” = No more!

I did eventually lose all the extra college weight, about a year after I started running. It felt like it took me forever to lose the weight but, looking back in about a year span I lost over 30 pounds. Even though it took longer then some I did it the right way. I started to watch what I ate and started exercising. I know. Crazy, right?!? I truly believe the reason why I have been able to keep the extra weight off, for the last 9 years, is because I made my  new habits into a complete lifestyle change, not just a quick fix.  Of course, when I became pregnant I gained weight, obviously that is to be expected. After the first year of running when I had lost all my college weight, I was at my lowest weight that I had ever been EVER in my life, even to this day. Truthfully, I was too skinny and wasn’t happy with the number on the scale. Today as I write this I am 20 pounds heavier than I was at my lightest and feel that I am in almost the best shape that I have ever been in. That number on the scale is just that, a number. It means nothing if you aren’t happy with how you feel.

Nine years later, thousands of miles later, couple dozen shoes later and countless races later here I am. Stronger than ever!

What started as a weight loss journey turned into something I never thought it would.

A life long passion.


What is your running story?

Bloggers: If you have a past post on your running story, please leave the link to that post in the comments below! I love hearing how others started running!

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Monday Food prep + meal planning: week of 3/23-3/28/14

Hi All!

I know I am sporadic when it comes to my food prep posts. I swear I still do my weekly food prep even if I don’t post one on here. I promise.

After last week, I’m hoping this week is much better. With Z and me both being sick, it was a lonnggggg week. Having to chaise Z down multiple times a day to wipe his nose or give him his medicine was not my idea of a good time! By the end of the week, when Z would hear me grab a tissue he would go running. It was a cat and mouse game every time. Let’s hope this was the last time we both get sick for a lonnnnng time. One can dream, right?!?

food prep meal planning paleo


Yesterday I was on a mission to get all my food prep done. I am determined to make this week a great one!

Let’s get started!!

Food Prep:

  • Paleo mayo (The Clothes Make the Girl)paleo food prep
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • roasted beets
  • sautéed carrots + broccoli (w/ coconut oil and sliced shallots)
  • boil chicken breasts
  • rinse black olives
  • make buttermints (Empowered Sustenance) Haven’t made these yet but will today!


Breakfast ideas:

  • roasted beets + eggs + avocado (100% Paleo)

Lunch ideas:

  • Burrito Bowl (FitSugar) {I’m going to try to eat rice and beans with this and see how I feel} NOT 100% Paleo
  • salame + cheese + olives + hb eggs + fruit (Primal due to the cheese)
  • leftovers from dinner

Dinner ideas (100% Paleo):

  • Peruvian Roast Chicken (Nom Nom Paleo-book) {I swear I am going to finally make this!}
  • Big-O Burger (Nom Nom Paleo) w/ sautéed broccoli + carrots
  • Brinner {breakfast for dinner}

Sides (100% Paleo):

  • sautéed broccoli and carrots w/ coconut oil/shallots
  • pistachio and apple salad (Nom Nom Paleo)
  • side salad {haven’t determined what kind}

Snacks/treats (100% Paleo):

Sorry, no cool graphics in this post! I didn’t have hours to spend on Pic Monkey for this post. I literally spend more time creating my graphics for each post then the actual content.

Need more meal planning ideas?

Check out all my posts in the “Sunday Food Prep” category on the blog, HERE!


Do you meal plan every week? What’s on the menu?

Are you following me?





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